Frank Rothkamm [ Mystery of the Leaping Fish ]


Planet Genius Presents in Association With Kingsound and Peter Kruty Editions
A Rothkammusic (ASCAP) 97 Publishing From The Archive of Experimental Hits

It is a historical fact that in 1967 Australian Prime Minister Holt dived into the ocean off a beach near Melbourne and vanished without a trace.

It has been speculated that he did not drown but was initiated into the Grand Lodge Of The Deep while under water. It is said that this legendary Lodge still presides in an underwater geodesic dome, occasionally mistaken for Atlantis. Although not much is known about the Lodge's rites, communication took place that enabled me to receive the recordings found on this disc.

The Mystery of the Leaping Fish dates back far in time, before, one is inclined to say, there was time at all. I have therefore faithfully mastered these sound manifestations to the standards set in the Mmakthor Alchemie.

It is clear while listening that much remains unexplained. Here I can only testify to the authentic ritual nature of these recordings, drawn from personal experience about secrets revealed to me recently.


Williamsburgh NYC - MCMXCVII


Catalog No: FLX3 (LN36)
Title: Mystery of the Leaping Fish
Sound Artist: Frank Rothkamm
Visual Artist: Peter Kruty
Holger Rothkamm
Label: Flux Records
Length: 23:51 (1431s)
Composed: 1984-1993
Location: Moers
Vancouver B.C.
New York
Instruments: Voice
Yamaha TX16W
Kurzweil K2000 FB01 TX81Z TX16W Voice
Release Date: 12/17/1997
Edition Size: 300
Format: Compact Disc
Parts: 4 panel pentagon folder
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unique piece of experimental electronica integrating natural sound and those manipulated by man and machines
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