Album: Mystery of the Leaping Fish
Author: Andrew Magilow
Publication: Spendid (source)
Date: 01/26/1998

Frank Rothkamm presents an EP of ambient-based music, with exotic sonic interjections (consonant to Future Sounds of London) that manage to break through the carefully crafted surface of seemingly impervious sound. What's most intriguing about this CD is its ability to manipulate the human auditory channels. A powerfully relaxing and mentally stimulating assemblage of synthesized sound waves demands attention, yet does not overpower the senses or intrude excessively into personal mind-space. "Living Underwater" prods the senses as water surges from your speakers, yet it never forces you under the surface, demanding a successful re-emergence for a fresh gasp of air in order to proceed. Even the packaging is spectacularly simple -- a plastic sheath and folded pentagon -- yet it evokes curiosity. There are so many ambient records these days that lack the soul and intelligence that Mystery of the Leaping Fish possesses. I highly recommend that you check out the Flux website and purchase one of these CDs online. The only disappointment you'll find here is that it's only 19 minutes in length.

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