Album: Mystery of the Leaping Fish
Author: David Cotner
Publication: Vital Weekly (source)
Date: 01/03/2000

"It is a historical fact that in 1967 Australian Prime Minister
dived into the ocean off a beach near Melbourne and vanished without a
trace. It has been speculated that he did not drown but was initiated
into the Grand Lodge of the Deep while under water. It is said that
this legendary Lodge still presides in a underwater geodesic dome,
occasionally mistaken for Atlantis. Although not much is known about
the Lodge's rites, communication took place the enabled me to receive
the recordings found on this disc."

A certain amount of speaking through water happens on this
recording. The sounds gesticulate from afar, trying to make themselves
be heard clearly. It is as if the ambient murk obscures the mouth so
that not even the lips are heard. And there is a flow to it all - past
this eel of sound and that fish of tune. There goes a stingray, chased
by a manta ray. Oo wah oo wah. The singing of the monkfish pervades.
A bell and the chittering of water. Where did our esteemed Prime
Minister go? What bends in the road did the journey take? There is the
distinct falling feeling in the sounds. And, of course, there are
whales. Killer. A warble of sound gazes up to the destroyed world as
it descends, past the pieces of chorale, ripples bottoming up and

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