Album: Mystery of the Leaping Fish
Author: Jean-Francois Fecteau
Publication: Le Vestibule (source)
Date: 03/01/1998

Miss, Mister, I would like to sincerely thank you for having sent me the limited edition CD "Mystery Of The Leaping Fish" from Frank Rothkamm.

I have to admit that I had never heard before of Mister Rothkamm nor his work, and let me tell you that I was greatly impressed. The 3 pieces found on this disc reveal a wide range of creativity, from the very ambient and floating "Ela" to the oceanic soundscape "Living Under Water" to the classically influenced "Dux Vitae", each track provides us with great atmospheres that are built from various electronic and organic sounds that blend together perfectly to create a journey through the depth of an imaginary realm that lays somehow inside of each of us.

The work of Mister Rothkamm is very inspiring, it wraps our senses and captures the mind to free the soul... I felt like I was in a suspension, and that I was travelling across mysterious lands, but I was completely still, it's the landscape that was moving towards me... it was an unique experience.

So once again let me thank you so very much for having offered me the chance to discover this wonderful artist, and you can be assured that I will include him on my playlists...

I was wondering if it would maybe be possible for you to send me a CD compilation or sampler from your lable so I could play your artists more regularly on my radio show Le Vestibule... this is an innocent request, if you are unable to answer it, I will perfectly understand. So until I will hear from you again, I wish you all the best.

Take care.

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