Album: just 3 organs
Author: Aurelio Cianciotta
Publication: neural (source)
Date: 05/27/2008

Since the early nineties Frank Rothkamm has crossed different music domains with sporadic releases. He was involved in artistic territories primarily devoted to the avant-garde with industrial or experimental influences. He can count on a traditional music background, so being comfortable in manipulating different sound forms, from pop to chamber music, often drafting curious biographical anecdotes, as a wunderkind, obsessed by genre limitations and sound quality as well.

If in "Moers Works" the first experiments were made with old tapes, here he got inspired from a teenage organ music passion, deflagrating in highly psychedelic tonal transitions, filled with super-modernist tensions. The album is full of synthetic feelings, and schizoid polyphonies, rich in reverb and space influences. There are geometric consonances and modulated interludes, finally meeting in free improv forms of an appreciably hybrid electronica.

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