Album: FB03
Author: Dmitry Vasilyev
Publication: monochrome vision (source)
Date: 05/03/2007

The final part of trilogy, two previous chapters of which are still fresh in mind because of their unique vision and approach in the general scale of contemporary electronic music.

The subtitle "E Pluribus Unum" should be familiar for all of you because it's a motto found on the Great Seal of the United States (since 1935, both sides of the Great Seal appear on the reverse of the One-Dollar Bill of the United States). This is Latin for "Out of Many, One", or as I like to put it, "We're all in this thing together". It's hard to say, what means this motto in context of the Rothkamm's album, but keeping in mind his strong conceptual basis for art's theory called "supermodernism", I can assume that there's a link to musical interpretation of global scientification.

And getting back to the music itself, it follows the way of previous two installments, exploring the electronic impressionism decorated with elements of serial music and timbres from the retrofuturistic applications as seen on the television from the 60s. The peculiar purpose for this album should be seen for those experimental musicians who sincerelly think that electronic music was invented just for some years ago. As well for thinking on the chaos which appears as the highest order degree!

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