Album: just 3 organs
Author: Frans de Waard
Publication: Vital Weekly (source)
Date: 03/16/2008

The organ depicted on the front cover of this new Frank Rothkamm CD are those that my little nephew used to play: a big machine with a built in speaker, blue, green, yellow and red knobs to handle the rhythms and sounds. A cheesy organ I always thought, but these days I would love to have one.

Everything on the Rothkamm deals with the number three: three organs, thirty-three minutes and thirty-three seconds, nine (three times three) tracks, which don't last three minutes however. The organs are played with six hands, well, no doubt three times two.

Rothkamm plays it like a modern classic master. Sounds swell and die, like those nice oscillator albums of forty years ago, except that the sound is like an organ. It's not unlike his previous album 'LAX', which also sounded like another attempt at playing like 'Forbidden Planet', but with a different sound.

Rothkamm puts out interesting conceptual records that work well throughout. Here is all quite nice again, just 'LAX', with not every track being a masterpiece but as a concept it's certainly well-made. (FdW)


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