Album: FB03
Author: David Stubbs
Publication: The Wire (source)
Date: 09/20/2007

German born, now American based Rothkamm, aka Frank Holger, creates what he calls "supermodern electronic music", of which this is the third installment in a trilogy.
Rothkamm asserts that the three principles of supermodernism are: "1. Be Utopian and Scientific 2. Nod to the First Pioneers. 3. Make full use of Left, Right, and Phantom Channel" However, there are giveaway notes of kitsch frivolity in the highly entertaining sleeve, which sees four shaven headed nerds in brown overcoats standing at odd angles from each other, presumably photoshopped representations of Rothkamm himself.
He also lists among his influences "Immanuel Kant, Karlheinz Stockhausen and Liberace". As for the music, despite its grandly trumpeted claims to be "a critique of the stereophonic illusion", it is essentially a fond revisitation of the pioneering, 50s/60s ear of musique concrete, with nods aplenty to Stockhausen - "Railroad Xing" threatens at one point to mutate into Gesang Der Junglinge".
Still, accepted for what it is, it's highly enjoyable, like sneeking in and playing on the old, abandonded Coney Island fairground, frolicking in forgotten futures.

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