Album: FB03
Author: Chuck Bettis
Publication: Downtown Music Gallery (source)
Date: 07/28/2007

ROTHKAMM - FB 03 [ltd ed CD] (self-released; USA) Frank Rothkamm has been exploring the evolution of humanity through sound. In the FB01 machine trilogy (named after his instrument of choice, the yamaha FM sound generator FM01) He equates the sine wave to the "first sustained sound", the human whistle. This is the third installment of aforementioned trilogy.

Slithering and diving through the speakers, his sound world is as complex and original as Gottfried Michael Koening's electronic work or Louis & Bebe Barron's "Forbidden Planet" soundtrack. Mutating oscillating sine waves to create primal electronic sounds, he sculpts other worlds with his archaic machine. As he states in his liner notes, "the most advanced music is also the most primitive". Couldn't have said it better myself.

Rothkamm squeezes out some pretty distinctive sounds and composes them very well with out dated technology. Caveman electronics at its best! Limited to 500, don't sleep on this!

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