Album: Moers Works
Author: eskaton
Publication: Chain D.L.K. (source)
Date: 05/14/2007

This is Rothkamm’s first sound experiments, released almost a quarter century after the fact. I was surprised at how, for the most part, the music still did not seem dated. It reminds me of some of the sound collages of Hafler Trio (Bang! An Open Letter) or Zoviet France (Loh Land). According to the website, “The system consisted solely of a turntable, a shortwave radio, a phaser, an EQ, a cassette recorder and an UHER reel-to-reel tape recorder.” This is considerably different from his most recent album (reviewed here previously), "FB02 - Astronaut of Inner Space," which is considerably more well produced. If you are looking for more like that, this isn’t the album to go to. This collection of tracks retains the intrinsic qualities of its lo-fi creation, which seems to be the core source of its strength. Sound sources are cobbled together to create engaging soundscapes. The sound sources are at times easily recognizable, but it is the juxtaposition that keeps them interesting. The only track that really sounds like a traditional composition is “Quartett,” with brass and orchestral percussion. Overall, this is an interesting album. I would recommend it to those into musique concrète especially, and experimental music in general.

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