Album: Tuning
Author: Ian D. Elliott
Publication: Squelsh (source)
Date: 03/01/1997

Flux records in New York City has just added a new subsidiary to their roster called the Archive Of Experimental Hits. It's purpose, as the name implies, is to release new music that would normally be considered a bit too left of centre for the main label.
"Tuning", by D.J. Glove (, is the first release on AEH, and it would seem that the label is well on the way to earning its name.

What can you say about a 12" that consists of nothing more (or nothing less) than minute after minute of the sounds of a woman tuning a piano ? Glove has forgone the normal route, eschewing the standard dance formula of beats, synth, etc., for something that completely defies description. After over a dozen listens, I'm still not sure what to make of "Tuning".

However, I have put it on my answering machine, and it is annoying my friends and family to no end, so I'm leaning toward saying I like the direction Flux's offshoot is taking, if for no other reason than the fact that it grates on my dad's nerves.

Bizzare in a wonderful kind of way.

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