Album: Moers Works
Author: Basilisk
Publication: Basilisk - Musician. Journalist. Collector. (source)
Date: 06/01/2012

This disc - a great mystery, the composition is continuously evolving, but it is impossible to predict in which direction their "turn." Moreover, with each repeated listening to all the impressions left in the memory seem to be incorrect, the drive is perceived quite differently. As it happens - I know it was not possible. On the whole record evokes the impression poltergeytsta, who is flirting with musical instruments, then with some machines - if not obscure objects. At the same time (as in poltergeist activities, eslim believe the legends), the sense of a composer's action is too tselnok impression they cause, but to formulate it, I would not undertake. Sounds constantly occur, disappear - sometimes back, sometimes not, but forming a checkered cloth, behind which is very exciting to watch, and even more exciting - voprinimat simply as a backdrop to everything happening. Running this music in the player and went about his business, I have some time ceased to notice that I listen to music, but absorbed directly ... the mood? atmosphere? I do not know how to say it more precisely.What else do you want from a musician who is not happy with the traditional notation - and he invented his own. He began to play at age 12, and 16 year secondary, on the basis of enthusiasm for electronic music, has created its own system of sampling - and completely analog, built on the basis of the cassette tape. Songs included in the album were created over the past two years. For listeners, this release became available label efforts MONOCROME VISION, which released it on CD-ROM.

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