Album: Birth of Primary Cinema From The Spirit Of Sound
Author: Aurelio Cianciotta
Publication: (source)
Date: 01/19/2011

As the third episode of a digital, esoteric and contemporary tetralogy, which began with "Ghost Of New York", in "Birth Of Primary Cinema From The Spirit Of Sound" Frank Holger Rothkamm still effectively penetrates urban landscapes, putting a fixed camera at ground level during the night, picking up fragments of humanity, beats, laughter, ethereal resonances and discussions about art and the world that result in imaginative and restless reverberations that are not without lyrical characterizations. Here, theory and practice overlap: our comprehension is no longer able to process or understand the individual image. Empirical and random "segmentation techniques", then, are used to give rise to a semantics of images through sounds, the evident emergence of a "stream of consciousness" of the inhabited areas; a complex and "supermodern" line of reasoning that starts from a reflection on cinema not far removed from Deleuze's "The Movement-Image" and "The Time-Image"- two eighties texts that can still, apparently, offer interesting interpretations.

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