Album: ALT,Zahra Fugues
Author: s.i.b.
Publication: Blow Up (source)
Date: 03/17/2010

Rothkamm is nuts, and these are his third and fourth disc that we have in our hands within two months, and are completely different from each other.

The first contains 26 short fugues carried out on a '34 Steinway piano kindly provided by this Zahra, who also lends his man, these are just flights of classical music performed in pairs "in the exact Baroque conception of 'pure ornament' in compliance of the cantus firmus, the song of a fixed structure. Trivialized and the ancestors of improvisation: O tempora.

"ALT" contains just sounds instead, of analog computers built on/for algorithms: Saying "ambient", to understand, with inspiration from vacuum-driven in the dark cosmic darker pictures or trends-tension classical and opera (!) or the edge of music video game.

The nice thing however is that both discs are done well and work: rating of (7) to both, and estimates for increasing an "outsider" of this sort.

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