Album: Planet Genius
Author: Elliott Smith
Publication: Independent Music Review (source)
Date: 03/01/1995

Having worked on the first Hardkiss 12" and then on a track for the _Deathrave 2000_ compilation, Frank Genius set out on his own and is currently working on a four volume series of techno music.

Depending on how you like your techno _Planet Genius_ could be either a dissapointment or the work of true mastermind. If you are in search of steady beats that will match up well on the dancefloor you're probably better off with the latest 12" from Submerge. On the other hand, if you don't mind a little experimentation and artistry thrown into your dance mix, _Planet Genius_ just may be your cup of tea.

Ambient, rave, and techno elements all come together for music that has a significant amount of thought and composition. With a story behind the sequence of these tracks, I'll be curious to see where Genius' next adventure takes him. (FLUX)

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