Album: Frank Genius is Star Struck
Author: Aurelio Cianciotta
Publication: Neural (source)
Date: 06/06/2009

Following a multifarious talent, without either prejudices or gender barriers, Frank Rothkamm is back to bring his unique version of what today we could simply define as 'popular electronic music'.

These kinds of sounds are well represented in 'Frank Genius is Star Struck' and they are also carefully structured in the form of a conceptual pot pourri but still nice, with muzak fragments, classic tradition and rock culture, interweaving computer music tensions, cut-upping and free form improvisation.

Always on the edge between genius and bluff, the German investigator, super-modernist and at the same time a theorist of sci-fi serialism, has this time really slackened the reins, pushing on dialectical contradictions, always subtly responsive and involved in the relationship between mainstream and underground.

In the form of a 'digital cantata', deceitful and self-referential - with a SeƱor Coconut attitude - he clones anything, eventually assembling archetypal mash-up, consciously modulated from avant-garde and popular culture perspectives.

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