Album: Frank Genius is Star Struck,Opus Spongebobicum,just 3 organs
Author: Petr Ferenc
Publication: A2 (source)
Date: 05/14/2009

Frank Rothkamm, mathematical operations, and sponge pack bastards

Three new albums shows another three of the many faces of Frank Rothkamma. As would be until the end of life wishes to avoid comminution of ideas, such, which would be many other makers gladly upnul at least life.

Frank Rothkamm (born 1965) is a German living alternately in New York and Los Angeles. Bespectacled intellectual with no small sense of humor to its brand Flux gives conceptual album, which zúro?uje his education and experience with music from the disco and classic industrial, preaches supermodernismus from which desires - mainly for financial reasons - to create the Church, and performs like the the roofs of New York's skyscrapers.

Triumph of the machine name IFORMM

Famous especially albovou trilogie FB01 - FB03, the number pionýr?m electronic music, purchase the unique tools IFORMM, which built from commonly available sound modules. Tool with a few keyboard p?ela?uje automatically according to pre-embedded algorithms and pianist Rothkamm it was able to form a follow-up to electronic music creation such as Karlheinz Stockhausen improvised and in real time. The supermodernismus is a fully incorporated synthetic vibrations without any similarity to the empirical world. Trilogie was recorded exclusively in polospánku to eliminate the effects selektujícího ega. Was recorded directly into the recording media without any predetermined rules, the author tried to use only intuition and transcendental ideas. Distinctive "co" are mathematical operations affecting the conduct of the controlled accident sinusových sound curves. The resulting polyphony is the work of "groups of Ego and Its Clones" - navrstvení above captured traces. Result transferred to non-4.1 format was presented to several site-specific performances and showed confidence and charm that early electroacoustic music may be just retrozábavou younger generation, but can, without disclaiming its roots, read entertaining and totally simultaneously.

Oh, sponge!

Album Moers Works (the brand Monochrome Vision) was vybo?ením light of a number of "adult works. Collection of short miniatures that Rothkamm as a teenager made in Germany shows that already at an early age was able to stick in your pocket most of the sound post kolážist?, a patchwork of noise, radio and tape manipulation excerpts could do levity and neutáp?l in a descriptive verbiage, frequent sins industrialist? who do not like to admit the existence of joy.

Story album Just Three Organs began thirty years ago. Then t?ináctiletý Rothkamm arrived during the ski trip to Swiss chapel, knocked three times and the entry of the local organ played Bach. Since then, the organ was unaffected, and after many years appeared in the electronic bazaar Yamaha Electone 250 D. It was made nine months after the Swiss event, and number three and nine became a leitmotif of works, that on the 3rd 3. 2008 zhmotnilo in the form of albums with footage 33:33, where an area of nine tracks added three organ features three pairs of hands and feet. The realignment was 33 cents and three-sounding speakers hung in the air so as to form a triangle, the resulting massive reverb between rotoval cycle of three revolutions per minute. Album is a homage to the sound only, from the characteristically p?idušených basových tones to strictly easylisteningové "bubble" of higher frequency of short fiction. Clearly regards Rothkamm?v nejodpo?inkov?ji sounding opus.

The Opus Spongebobicum, as the title suggests, inspired by "really surreálným" cartoon series SpongeBob Squarepants and ?ty?at?i?tvrt?hodinovou song Kaikhosru shapur Sorabjiho Opus Clavicembalisticum for solo piano. Even here Rothkamm pianist neusedá for piano, the sound of your choice instead of a vysamploval after careful listening piano LP of the fifties. As Sorabji had several musical themes, which for him was almost mystical-philosophical importance and appeared in many of his works, Stockhausen and his Formula, Rothkamm working with the first part of the score Serial signature tune and it represents the forty-minute variations, which shows how perfectly mastered craft composer of classical music. Relatively traditional-sounding work entails much "of the laws and the history of piano music."

Total macaroni pervers

This year, again on the 3rd March, the Rothkamm odvázal and presented humorous, bastard album Frank Genius Is Star Struck. "Digital cantata" as album says it is, according to the terms of creators and critics of current electronic music, or bastard pop mash-up consisting of vocal phrases pop hits, which, in the appropriate sort giving rise to a simple slogan?m. Background consists of primitive disco and technobeaty, over them the phrases endlessly repeated Prince, Nico, Rolling Stones (I do it just "uuu", which begins the dark pit Gimme Shelter) and many others. I admit, a similar meta-enriched pop aesthetics of wood hedonismu stars diska from Rothkamma I really expected, though there is some relationship with the work of the late Arthur Russell, now rediscovered and celebrating discoikony that "as of" serious music form, "in the night "passionate. I wonder what comes next joker Rothkamm.

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