Album: Frank Genius is Star Struck
Author: Tina Manske
Publication: titel magazine (source)
Date: 04/02/2009

Here is someone who understands his craft! Frank Rothkamm, a German composer, conceptual artist and programmer living in the U.S., must be regarded as one of the most gifted sample artist in music history.

Without any fear of genre boundaries, he goes for convincing hooks at places where others, afraid of booby traps, have already withdrawn to their corner. Listen to this "digital cantata" at least to "Vast". Here a drastic Darth Vader meets heaven's violins for a two minute dissonant liaison. Then Madonna dances with Edith Piaf and a computer turns to the beat of a musical.

This generously equipped edition gathers pieces from 20 years of creative work (he composed it in 1990/1991 and compiled and mastered in 2008/2009, jaha!) in the spirit of Poptronik, Acid, Nu- and Old Skool . "Give me a good heart" loosens up over the course of the record to "Give me a good hard fuck." At the end of a good 30 minutes, you'll really feel worked over.

"Frank Genius", genius, indeed!

(from the original German)

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