Album: Frank Genius is Star Struck
Author: SEAN 0 & MARINA A
Publication: ORGAN (source)
Date: 03/18/2009

A whole load of cut up pieces of music, sound bites, collaged together with electronic stitching – spoken word bites, slices from radio shows, riffs, cut ups, beats, we've heard this many times before (dare we ask if anyone remembers those Organ radio tapes of the late 80’s with the collaged bits between the bands that we laced together using cassette decks and bites from this and that?).

Conceptual sound art and a million samples from the respected LA based German composer – "nu skool mash up, old school classic"... Been there, heard that - re-synthesised cut up sound art that's pleasant enough on the ears, dialectic poptronics, not as revolutionary as all the trumpet blowing blurb that came with it would like is to tell you it is...

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