Album: Planet Genius
Author: Kim Alexander
Publication: Last Sigh (source)
Date: 04/28/1998

"While dreaming, Genius is visited by 3 Muses who reveal Dadua as the Ultimate Planet. Guided by Juno, he is in Bliss on a long journey through time and space. After arriving on the Planet, the Muses open up the dimension of Flow, where the spirit of the future is revealed. Genuis is sent to Tribe 25l to be initiated for a future body. After this transformation, he is Never Going Home. Eternal Love appears, but Genius loses perception. Enraged, he turns to the center of King Creole and collapes. Genuis awakens in the presence of Tribe 25l & is told the Secret of the 6 Dimensions. Reaching Avalon, Eternal Love finally reappears."

Frank Rothkamm has brought you a progressive original creation of aural art with Planet Genius, as can be heard in the rolling and perpetual multiple synth-tek beats and intermittent operatic female background vocals as on the opening track, Dadua. Bliss in Circles approaches a sound of travel through the continuous marimba-like curves, yet more operatic vocals and gentle trible feel, ensuring safe passage to the dimensions of Flow, an interstingly mysterious track with a near jazzy feel to it yet electronically created to smooth and blend its way with a high energy, percussion oriented, shifting techno-edge sculpture.
Genius then streams off into the Tribe 25l, a well rounded track with yet even more upbeat synthphonic movements, layered on a technoish edge of a mean tribal influenced sub-harmonic percussion and vocals of primal human indiginous structures. Never Going Home is a rather happy track -- flutes, tribal like beat and percussion, fast tempo, softly consoling in nature, "Look at me now"....(slo-mo-deeply spoken).
King Creole is an excellent dance tune -- to coin the phrase "Intelligent Dance Music", Mr. Rothkamm has the technique down on this track for clinking and tinklings swirling in a deep bassy layer, culturally effective vocals chanting along the way, accentuated 4/4 beat on the first. I actually have to get up and dance to this one at home... :) Swirling keyboard loops start Secret of 6 Dimensions with a voices stating; " You mean marijauna?" "Yeah", that smooth over into a fast paced flowing upbeat composition. Completing the sound voyage by reaching Avalon, Genius find Eternal Love to reappear in the this sensuous track as sung by Deborah Borchers, who portrays a lovely romantic aura with her angelic voice and the accompaniment of light, soft keyboard-synth arrangements in keeping with the theme of Planet Genius and the associated story involved. An interesting short sonic saga. Well worth having.

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