Album: just 3 organs
Author: Your Imaginary Friend
Publication: KZSU (source)
Date: 04/09/2008

Experiment with 3’s: three organs tuned some kind of tri-tonal way, mixed with a triangular stereo image in mind, “played with 6 hands”, 9 tracks, 33 1/3 minutes long, etc etc. Its actually one organ, dubbed, some old trippy Yamaha from the late 70’s, things vary from blippy to droney, but all very creepy (tri-tones do that). Fans of Tangerine Dream, Tomita, take note.

1) slow fade in of spooky drones, organ
2) similar to previous but brief
3) 70’s Tomita, classic “electronic” tones, blippy with an underlying creepy drone
4) random feel, tones kinda appearing
5) blippy and seemingly rhythmic, trippy and 70’s
6) slower, spooky, random feel
7) brief, an electro loop, with subtle melodies intertwined
8) very Moog’ish: blippy electronic, quick tones and loops
9) brief, a low drone, quite nice

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