Frank Rothkamm [ Third Haunch of Venison ]

In an imaginary forest under the sea, in a school of fish, I finally met Robert Schumann.

I asked him: “ Every night I wake up, tormented by going through endless mazes in my dreams. I constantly compose, even if I do not want to. I don’t want lose the battle and fall into the bottomless pit of hell.”

He looked at me and nodded.

“You also hear the ‘A’ every day”, he said, “but if jump into the river like me, you will only be rescued. You cannot escape. You have to sit in your spiritual house surrounded by the imaginary forest.

Remember, when you were a tween you started passing out, whenever you visited your grandmother in the countryside or when you went on vacations with your sister and parents in the south of France. It always took you a very long time to regain consciousness. But these were only the first attacks.

Remember when you were a twenty-something you were surrounded by the fire of LSD and MDMA instead of an imaginary forest. This fire could have killed you.

But now you are in an imaginary forest under the sea. Your antediluvian culture is here. We are the Atlanteans. We have always been the caretaker of those whose minds are on different planets.”

I looked around but/and could not see any difference between the fish.

Then my brain fog lifted. Out of the ashes that fly randomly in all directions a new planet was born. I explored this new planet and finally made it my home.

This is the third and final Haunch of Venison.

Catalog No: FLX111 (LN473)
Title: Third Haunch of Venison
Sound Artist: Frank Rothkamm
Visual Artist: Holger Rothkamm
Label: Flux Records
Length: 32:08 (1928s)
Composed: 2017
Location: Los Angeles
Instruments: E. Gabler & Bros. grand piano (1924)
Release Date: 02/28/2017
Format: Digital
Tags: Classical
Solo Piano
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