Frank Rothkamm [ Music for Libraries ]


This is simply from the heart. The love of my life, Nina, and I have now been together for over 25 years. She is a Rare Books Librarian. This is a love song, but nobody sings on it.


This is a meta-musical take on Brian Eno’s ‘Music for Airports’ and a demonstration that I have taken Artificial Intelligence programming so far as to approach the emotional depths of Michael Nyman’s ‘1-100’. It is an excuse to expose the specific virtues of my collection of vintage digital instruments, in this case the Korg P3 piano module from 1988.


‘Music for Libraries’

Catalog No: FLX92 (LN435)
Title: Music for Libraries
Sound Artist: Frank Rothkamm
Visual Artist: Holger Rothkamm
Label: Flux Records
Length: 1:00:00 (3600s)
Composed: 2016
Location: Los Angeles
Instruments: Atari Formula
Korg P3
Release Date: 02/07/2017
Format: Digital
Tags: Classical
Solo Piano
209 ALBUMs
1100 TRACKs
112 PDFs

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Los Angeles, CA 90016 ° USA