Frank Rothkamm [ Chopin Bored ]

To: Wilhelm Kolberg.
Szafarnia, 19 August 1824

Dear Wilus'!

Thanks for remembering me; but on the other hand I am annoyed with you, that you are such a mean and horrid etcetera and only write such a scrap to me. Were you short of paper or pens, or did you grudge the ink? Perhaps you had no time to do more than put in a scrawl? Eh, eh, that's it; you go horseback riding, enjoying yourself, and forget about me — Well, well; give me a kiss and I'll forgive you.

I'm glad you're well and jolly, because that's what is wanted in the country. I'm so glad I can write to you. I also am enjoying myself; and you're not the only one that rides, for I can stick on too. Don't ask how well; but I can, enough for the horse to go slowly wherever he prefers, while I sit fearfully on his back; like a monkey on a bear. Till now I haven't had any falls because the horse hasn't thrown me off ; but — if ever he should want me to tumble off, I may do it some day.

I won't bother you with my affairs, because I know they won't interest you. The flies often alight on my lofty nose, but that's unimportant, because it's rather a custom of these importunate beasties. The gnats bite me ; but that doesn't matter, because it's not on the nose. I run about the garden, and some- times walk. I walk in the woods, and sometimes ride, not on horseback but in a carriage, or trap, or coach; but with such honour that I always sit at the back, never in front. Perhaps I've bored you already, but what can I do? If not, then write by the first post, and I will continue my epistles at once.

I end my letter therefore without compliments, but amicably. Keep well, dear Wilus', and please do write to me. We shall meet in 4 weeks. I embrace you heartily. Your sincere friend.

from: Chopin`s Letters (A. A. Knopf 1931)

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