Frank Rothkamm [ 2 Canons ]

Canon is compositional technique. You play the same melody on different instruments but not at the same time. A leader is chosen called ‘dux’. Dux starts playing the melody. Then other instruments called ‘comes’ join, each at one time interval later than the preceding one. If the ‘comes’ strictly imitate the ‘dux’, the canon is also called a round. It’s the simplest form and the most intoxicating. Here are 2 of these: one from the ‘West’ and the other from the ‘East’. To give a good example, drawn from real life: I go to the little known ‘Borges’ bar here in LA and I expect 3 friends will join me later. I give the waiter the following order: Get me a drink and keep on giving me refills. Do the same for each of my 3 friends, they will arrive in a few seconds and each will arrive the same amount of seconds later than the other. The waiter is delighted, once I gave him enough money. My friends are really good sports, they take the same amount of time to drink their drinks than I do. Do you get the picture? Cannonball!

Catalog No: FLX96 (LN461)
Title: 2 Canons
Sound Artist: Frank Rothkamm
Visual Artist: Holger Rothkamm
Label: Flux Records
Length: 26:15 (1575s)
Composed: 2016
Location: Los Angeles
Instruments: Atari Cubase 2.0
Emu Proteus/2
Emu Procussion
Release Date: 02/11/2017
Format: Digital
Tags: Classical
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1100 TRACKs
112 PDFs

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