Frank Rothkamm [ Music of the Sheena People ]

“The music of the People has never been heard before.” Sheena was not in a good mood. “For millennia it has been suppressed, or worse, simply ignored in the Western narrative of supposedly postmodern philosophers. Today, nobody cares anymore unless there is a Like button. Reality does not have buttons.” Furious, Sheena commanded us to stay on the narrow path through the dense forest and to not touch anything, especially those lovely apples over there. “Don’t even think about eating these, and why in the world would you just eat apples that hang around here, don’t you have any granola bars or something?” We did have provisions, those super duper trail-mixes with the chocolates in them. Talking about in the mix. “Yeah, just eat your cheap sugar and kid yourself with all that extra dopamine in your brain that you are feeling satisfied with this buttoned up reality in front of you.” We immediately sat down and tweeted this because for some miraculous reason our cell phone reception was 4 bars and counting here in the middle of the narrow path through the dense forest. “Boy, oh Boy, it is hot in here, I want to take all my clothes off.” Ashamed, we looked at each other, and then stared at different parts of rhizomes that appeared to be everywhere, like a network, that is everywhere but nowhere in particular. “Derrida would have a field day today, this ain’t no Orange County, no, all these are arguments for Conservatism, in particular for the pentatonic scale.” We finally reached an overlook and could see how far the dense forest stretched, all the way to the horizon, if we were to see the horizon, so we imagined. “See, with the pentatonic scale you can compare apples and oranges.” Sheena was in a good mood. “Each step therefore can be considered a tonic, each note is a starting point, no doubt, There are no small 2nds, we don’t want no half-step sidekicks, we prefer whole 2nd ones. Harmonically we only add or subtract 4ths, sometimes 5ths, but from every of the 5 notes of the pentatonic scale.” What about the rhythms, are they like the Lizard People’s binary? We looked around for answers in the East, West and South. There is nothing in the North. Ask any Mason. Sheena was long gone but left us another Intelligent Formula Music (IFORMM) to ponder. I guess we are in the 5th world now. Come to think of it, “Music of the Sheena People” is nothing but an I-Ching-like cheap imitation of Jon Hassell’s 4th world: Sheena People are just Plastic People from LA.

Catalog No: FLX150 (LN512)
Title: Music of the Sheena People
(limited edition of 100)
Sound Artist: Frank Rothkamm
Visual Artist: Holger Rothkamm
Length: 1:07:08 (4028s)
Composed: 2018
Location: Los Angeles
Instruments: IFORMM
Alesis QuadraSynth
Release Date: 11/21/2018
Format: Compact Disc
Excellent music with an obscured story; what else do you want?
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