Hertenstein, Rothkamm & Sanchez [ Making It ]

If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. This version of ‘Making It’ usually refers to New York. The Big Apple. The Melting Pot. All that Jazz. This is understandable because how will you be able to cool down in August if you do not have air conditioning? You don’t. You take a shower and that’s about it. You sweat it out, you melt. In the winter you wait outside, because the subway in Brooklyn is designed like that. It’s very cold and no matter what kind of socks you wear, you are freezing. Then you look at the rats. Why are they never too hot or cold to run around? They eat all that poison and never get killed by a subway train. You hear some kind of scrambled voice over the subway’s intercom system. What is going on? Is this train delayed? How long do I have to sit next to this homeless guy? Well, let’s just move down a few seats. Ok, now we are stuck in a tunnel under the East River, between Brooklyn and Manhattan. Don’t think about it. You’ve always made it out of this, haven’t you? You are making it, no? Finally you walk out with everybody else on the train. Hey it is 2 A.M., where are all these people coming from? Is anybody working, or is this just a trust-funders party town? You can only make it here if your daddy is rich and your mom is good looking. Otherwise, you do Broadway the hard way. So, this is how ‘Making It’ really started: I go to some Jazz nightclub on the Lower East Side, where the patrons talk louder than the music, and I meet friends of friends, randomly. Then we get together in Brooklyn and have some coffee. But I have another concert the same evening, so wrap it up, make it count. Let’s get this ‘Making it’ squared away before we all get out of this town. Who knows if we'll ever meet? Will anybody ever pay us? So here we go: Joe Hertenstein on Drums plus Javier Moreno Sánchez on Double Bass. My name is Frank Rothkamm and I play the piano.

Catalog No: FLX103 (LN470)
Title: Making It
Sound Artist: Hertenstein, Rothkamm & Sanchez
Visual Artist: Holger Rothkamm
Label: Flux Records
Length: 3:10 (190s)
Composed: 2017
Location: New York
Instruments: Yamaha digital piano
Double Bass
Release Date: 02/18/2017
Format: Digital
Tags: Jazz
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