Frank Rothkamm [ 3 equations ]

In 3 equations the density of random events increases and then decreases within each equation. Randomly colored events fade in and out in random directions at random speeds and are neither percussive noises nor instrumental tones. There is no melody or rhythm. It is difficult to tell where one equation ends and another starts. No discernable pattern occurs within each equation and the music appears without any meaning because 3 equations never indicates what is form and what is content. It moves in time with increasing and decreasing density but never reaches solidity nor breaks apart and differentiates. From each other, the 3 equations are indistinguishable and it seems arbitrary what equation follows another and equally arbitrary what event follows another. Any event could have been placed at any other time. There are no causes and effects but concurrences, happenstances and chance meetings. Yet, a sameness pervades all this amorphous unpredictability. In 3 equations this sameness is uniform. It seems to encompass all possible forms. If we equate each event to the birth, life and death of a star, millions of light-years compressed to mere seconds then we experience the movement of the universe itself. If we equate this movement of the stars to our own destiny, we can then glimpse the true nature of our own past, present and future. We can also equate 3 equations to a Pythagorean riddle where 3 triangles describe the 3 sides of a 4-sided pyramid, a tetrahedron, with the base absent. If we wear headphones while listening to 3 equations we realize that we are the base and the 3 sides of a pyramid are build around us. Of course, this is all speculation because no texts of Pythagoras, if he wrote anything at all, survive to this day. Our third idea and final equation then seems the most reasonable: 3 equations sounds like a bunch of farts and we are the butt of joke. Perhaps we can do without this equating. Quiet please, no more giggling. Let’s concentrate on the beginning and read this text again, for a total of 3 times.

Catalog No: FLX62 (LN419)
Title: 3 equations
Sound Artist: Frank Rothkamm
Visual Artist: Holger Rothkamm
Length: 45:06 (2706s)
Composed: 2014
Location: Los Angeles
Instruments: Python
Release Date: 07/13/2018
Format: Digital
Tags: csound
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