Album: Tuning
Author: Deftly-D
Publication: W.J.U.L. (source)
Date: 03/01/1997

Special thanks to fLUX Planet Genius for DJ Glove's Tuning. Minimal noise ambient experiment in the relm of John Cage.

I rather enjoy the piece as a dj's tool, as a conceptual experiment and as a way of altering ambient atmospheres. The sound of the city streets in the background adds a great deal to the recording. The police sirens actually made the 2 dj's after my show gittery (since we're in a fallout shelter where external street sound is abnormal).

With pitch control you can hear the rare possibilities of multiple notes of a piano combined with doplerized sirens all harmonically shifting their pitch in ways nature could not otherwise duplicate. This piece really does fall closer to the sound of John Cage's work than anything else that's been sent to me.

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