Album: Ghost of New York
Author: Frans de Waard
Publication: Vital Weekly (source)
Date: 11/03/2009

Hot on the heels of last week's 'Alt' release, Frank Rothkamm now presents the first installment of the 3CD + 1DVD 'Tetralogy'.

In this first work the city of New York plays a central role, or actually the many people who lived, translated to music. No ambient music here like last week, but works from the analogue synthesizer, that depict quite well the hectic of the city, the crawling of so many people on such as small space. Sounds bouncing in all directions, but also very occasionally take back control and we see the contours of mighty sky scrapers, but also of much smaller buildings. Like always Rothkamm knows how to surprise me with his music.

This particular release wasn't the best I heard from him I must admit, it sounded a bit too easy, too much like 'Music From Forbidden Planet' type of synthesizer play, but it has some nice moments. But in his catalogue of music, this is surely another odd-ball. Odd-ball admitst other oddities.

This release lasts exactly 33 minutes and 33 seconds, in an edition of 333 copies, and released on 10/10/09 - the next one on 11/11/09 etc. - Numbers are great. (FdW)

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