Album: opus spongebobicum
Author: Dave X
Publication: WDBX
Date: 07/27/2008

I am grateful and fortunate to be able to present Rothkamm’s work to you, as I sincerely believe he is one of the great talents of our time. I’m amazed at not only his prolific nature, but the high quality of his musical output– perhaps a Rothkamm-centric broadcast is in order for next month? Satanicpornocultshop — Anorexias Gas Balloon (Candy Says) Satanicpornocultshop — Detachable P Chris Cichocki — Lanimilbus Radiation Chris Cichocki — Transmission New Haven Improvisers Collective — Quantum Decoherence Eddie the Rat — Food the the Moon Too Soon, pt. 1 Eddie the Rat — Cannibal Eddie the Rat — I Ovulate in Mode Frank Rothkamm — Opus Spongebobicum, Variations 1-32 Bearly Queen — Hairy Palm Adventures (about 30 minutes worth) Husht — The Flight of Plankton Husht — Morphogenesis Husht — Threads . . . Right now, I’m doing the “Rothkamm-centric” portion of the show I promised a couple weeks back. Taking my queue from Rothkamm’s studio multitudes, I too will be harnessing the power of technology to thicken the mix– at present, I am mixing from three Rothkamm albums– I wonder how many instances of the man this has yielded? I think the Rothkamm mix went very well. I may have mis-labeled a couple of the track names in the playlist, however. It gets a little hard juggling that many discs at once! For the record; I used FB01, FB02, FB03, LAX, Just 3 Organs, and Opus Spongebobicum to create the mix. Rothkamm — B and B Plus 33 Rothkamm — Independent Bernoulli Trials Rothkamm — Half Man, Half Amazing Rothkamm — Outdoor Heritage of New Jersey Rothkamm — Reality OR Room in Hollywood Rothkamm — Opusspongebobicum, Variation 23 Rothkamm — Opusspongebobicum, Variation 10 Rothkamm — Incident Outside Mesquite Rothkamm — Ancient Meats

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