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Frank Rothkamm [ just 3 organs ]
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Catalog No: FLX8
Artist: Frank Rothkamm
Title: just 3 organs
Label: Flux Records
Length: 33:29
Composed: 2003-2004
Release Date: 3/3/2008
Edition Size: 300
UPC: 635961114420
File Under: electronic organ
sci-fi microtonalism
vintage concept album

The Story

In the Swiss mountain town of Sils, sometime around Easter 1979, the 13 year old Frank Rothkamm played an organ for the first time.

He was not in Sils to marvel at the location where Friedrich Nietzsche spent his summers, but to engage in some cross-country skiing with his family. It was there, halfway between the mountains and the frozen lake below, where he spotted a small village chapel. Intrigued, he knocked on the door 3 times and to his surprise it was open. Inside he found a reed organ which was unlocked, so he commenced to play J.S. Bach's "Toccata & Fugue in D-minor". It was cold, his hands were cold, and the old organ was out of tune. But, he was able to play the piece from memory and gladly held the last chord an extra long time.

As he got back on his skis to make the descent from the mountain, a different kind of organ music was racing through his mind - impressions of idiosyncratic, differently tuned, pure "Tongestalten" (tone shapes) in a reverberated space between heaven and earth.

For the next 23 years on his odyssey through Germany, Canada and the United States of America he would never play an organ keyboard again. Then on a sunny day sometime around Easter in 2002, he spotted a Yamaha Electone organ, model 205D, in a thrift store near Hollywood. Frank finally found his organ. It had been built in Japan 9 months after he played the organ for the first time in Switzerland. In an act of "Zeitgeist" his thoughts gave birth to the rise of a machine which could now materialize the impossible.

It would take another 5 years, from 2003 to 2008, of playing with 6 hands, utopian-scientific composition, and the development of a new tuning system, until he was finished with his gold record.

The Album

just 3 organs (2003-2008) is 33 minutes and 33 seconds or a 3 times 3 tracks long long-player played with 3 times 2 hands and feet on the 3 times 2 manuals and 3 pedals of 3 vintage Yamaha 205D Electone home organs each assigned a primary color and tuned a micro-tonal 33 cents apart then amplified with 3 speakers for each organ suspended in mid-air in a triangle just in front of the observer with a monophonic reverberation phantom channel circling at 3 rotations per minute between all speaker triangles.

Tracklisting: year opus
[01] Hollywood Kris Kristofferson of the Avant-Garde 2004 34 3:31
[02] Hollywood The Irvine Master Plan 2004 389 1:43
[03] Hollywood California Pink-A-Pades 2004 31 7:00
[04] Hollywood Half Man, Half Amazing 2004 32 6:05
[05] Hollywood Grand Ducal 2004 35 3:07
[06] Hollywood Sleepy Bullet 2003 30 6:57
[07] Hollywood Encounter with Remarkable Trees 2004 37 3:25
[08] Hollywood Younger Critics of New York 2004 33 0:40
[09] Hollywood B and B plus 33 2008 388 1:01


Startling Moniker’s Top 12 Best Happy Neat-O List of 2008

4) Rothkamm – “Just 3 Organs”  — I used to think that if I had math skills, I would have made Rothkamm music; that’s how much I enjoy what he’s doing.

But lately, I realize that nobody can make Rothkamm music but Rothkamm.

It’s really the only similarity this list of albums shares– it’s strange stuff, a unique product of a unique mind. Simultaneously sound-obsessed and math-enabled, “Just 3 Organs” visits a series of hyper-organ works upon us. It’s a post-Second Life music, both virtual and yet displaying the umbilicus of its creator. If my ongoing fascination with Rothkamm hasn’t got you to pick one of his releases up yet, now is the time.

Frank Rothkamm, mathematical operations, and sponge pack bastards

Three new albums shows another three of the many faces of Frank Rothkamma. As would be until the end of life wishes to avoid comminution of ideas, such, which would be many other makers gladly upnul at least life.

Frank Rothkamm (born 1965) is a German living alternately in New York and Los Angeles. Bespectacled intellectual with no small sense of humor to its brand Flux gives conceptual album, which zúro?uje his education and experience with music from the disco and classic industrial, preaches supermodernismus from which desires - mainly for financial reasons - to create the Church, and performs like the the roofs of New York's skyscrapers.

Triumph of the machine name IFORMM

Famous especially albovou trilogie FB01 - FB03, the number pionýr?m electronic music, purchase the unique tools IFORMM, which built from commonly available sound modules. Tool with a few keyboard p?ela?uje automatically according to pre-embedded algorithms and pianist Rothkamm it was able to form a follow-up to electronic music creation such as Karlheinz Stockhausen improvised and in real time. The supermodernismus is a fully incorporated synthetic vibrations without any similarity to the empirical world. Trilogie was recorded exclusively in polospánku to eliminate the effects selektujícího ega. Was recorded directly into the recording media without any predetermined rules, the author tried to use only intuition and transcendental ideas. Distinctive "co" are mathematical operations affecting the conduct of the controlled accident sinusových sound curves. The resulting polyphony is the work of "groups of Ego and Its Clones" - navrstvení above captured traces. Result transferred to non-4.1 format was presented to several site-specific performances and showed confidence and charm that early electroacoustic music may be just retrozábavou younger generation, but can, without disclaiming its roots, read entertaining and totally simultaneously.

Oh, sponge!

Album Moers Works (the brand Monochrome Vision) was vybo?ením light of a number of "adult works. Collection of short miniatures that Rothkamm as a teenager made in Germany shows that already at an early age was able to stick in your pocket most of the sound post kolážist?, a patchwork of noise, radio and tape manipulation excerpts could do levity and neutáp?l in a descriptive verbiage, frequent sins industrialist? who do not like to admit the existence of joy.

Story album Just Three Organs began thirty years ago. Then t?ináctiletý Rothkamm arrived during the ski trip to Swiss chapel, knocked three times and the entry of the local organ played Bach. Since then, the organ was unaffected, and after many years appeared in the electronic bazaar Yamaha Electone 250 D. It was made nine months after the Swiss event, and number three and nine became a leitmotif of works, that on the 3rd 3. 2008 zhmotnilo in the form of albums with footage 33:33, where an area of nine tracks added three organ features three pairs of hands and feet. The realignment was 33 cents and three-sounding speakers hung in the air so as to form a triangle, the resulting massive reverb between rotoval cycle of three revolutions per minute. Album is a homage to the sound only, from the characteristically p?idušených basových tones to strictly easylisteningové "bubble" of higher frequency of short fiction. Clearly regards Rothkamm?v nejodpo?inkov?ji sounding opus.

The Opus Spongebobicum, as the title suggests, inspired by "really surreálným" cartoon series SpongeBob Squarepants and ?ty?at?i?tvrt?hodinovou song Kaikhosru shapur Sorabjiho Opus Clavicembalisticum for solo piano. Even here Rothkamm pianist neusedá for piano, the sound of your choice instead of a vysamploval after careful listening piano LP of the fifties. As Sorabji had several musical themes, which for him was almost mystical-philosophical importance and appeared in many of his works, Stockhausen and his Formula, Rothkamm working with the first part of the score Serial signature tune and it represents the forty-minute variations, which shows how perfectly mastered craft composer of classical music. Relatively traditional-sounding work entails much "of the laws and the history of piano music."

Total macaroni pervers

This year, again on the 3rd March, the Rothkamm odvázal and presented humorous, bastard album Frank Genius Is Star Struck. "Digital cantata" as album says it is, according to the terms of creators and critics of current electronic music, or bastard pop mash-up consisting of vocal phrases pop hits, which, in the appropriate sort giving rise to a simple slogan?m. Background consists of primitive disco and technobeaty, over them the phrases endlessly repeated Prince, Nico, Rolling Stones (I do it just "uuu", which begins the dark pit Gimme Shelter) and many others. I admit, a similar meta-enriched pop aesthetics of wood hedonismu stars diska from Rothkamma I really expected, though there is some relationship with the work of the late Arthur Russell, now rediscovered and celebrating discoikony that "as of" serious music form, "in the night "passionate. I wonder what comes next joker Rothkamm.

(from the original Czech)
Petr Ferenc A2

Frank Rothkamm is an artist that traverses the boundaries of all the media he works with. Composer, conceptual artist, and number cruncher, he manages to infuse everything he does with a seeming unlimited experimental verve and humour. His recent release Just 3 organs is no exception to this, and one could be forgiven for thinking that while his tongue might be planted firmly in cheek, there is a very serious, considered stream to his output.

Invoking childhood scenes of discovering an organ in a remote mountain chapel for the first time on a family holiday in the Swiss Alps, he states he never played one again until he saw a Yamaha Electone organ in a thrift store in his city of residence, Los Angeles. How they became 3 for this album is not that clear, but we can pass over such pedantry as the results clearly speak for themselves. According to the sleeve notes, each of the organs were tuned 33 cents apart, which explains the teeth grinding micro-tonal variations in their pitch. This adds a slight finger nails scraping on blackboard timbre to the tracks, which is also like the taste of your first cigarette, bitter, but leaving you craving more.

High flung analogies aside, there is an interesting discourse to be had on the philosophical issues of tuning and culture, and he has kindly submitted an excellent and informative article elucidating his ideas on the subject. This is also published in the current issue.

In Nebula Temperament – on the tuning of Just 3 Organs, he writes:

'The critique of the tuning system is a critic of the status quo with the assumption that there is a truth beyond equal temperament; a truth which has been compromised. Hence, the mere tuning of instruments presets the kind of music that will be played, presets its temperament.'

There is a touch of the Futurists in this observation, and he is making an interesting point that is rarely considered with much depth in contemporary sound culture.

Back to the album, the tracks themselves sound like composed improvisations, conjuring cinematic visions of Captain Morgan having a jam with Vincent Price, while Morticia serves up cups of psilocybin tea. California Pink-A-Pades would have to be my pick, and features free wheeling sequenced arpeggios, couched in off centre chord voicings and punctured by abstract melodies and single key note stabs. At the other end of the spectrum, Sleepy Bullet is a collage of sinister 'sci fi' tension and release, redolent of early radiophonic workshop, while Younger Critics Of New York is a short assault on the senses, possibly hinting at a satirical retort ?

It's hard to escape the anachronistic timbre of these organs, carrying as they do the cultural qualities of the late fifties. However the sheer inventiveness and deranged humour that Rothkamm threads throughout the album endears it from first listen. Just 3 Organs is released on his own label Flux Records and is available as a download with printed cover from his site.

Read - In Nebula Temperament – on the tuning of Just 3 Organs


Download PDF

Another excellent release by the reliable Frank, this time using three Yamaha Electone home organs (well, one overdubbed twice that he bought in a thrift store) tuned microtonally, 33 cents apart. Each is amplified by three suspended loudspeakers set In a triangle, virtually spatialised. It sounds like late '60s electronic music, very organised, with great variety contained in developmental blocks. Good for the ear.
Chris Cutler RER

Since the early nineties Frank Rothkamm has crossed different music domains with sporadic releases. He was involved in artistic territories primarily devoted to the avant-garde with industrial or experimental influences. He can count on a traditional music background, so being comfortable in manipulating different sound forms, from pop to chamber music, often drafting curious biographical anecdotes, as a wunderkind, obsessed by genre limitations and sound quality as well.

If in "Moers Works" the first experiments were made with old tapes, here he got inspired from a teenage organ music passion, deflagrating in highly psychedelic tonal transitions, filled with super-modernist tensions. The album is full of synthetic feelings, and schizoid polyphonies, rich in reverb and space influences. There are geometric consonances and modulated interludes, finally meeting in free improv forms of an appreciably hybrid electronica.
Aurelio Cianciotta NEURAL

First question: is this an allusion to Steve Reich “Four Organs”? For sure the music is neither minimal, nor very accessible. Alright, a few sequenced arpeggios might recall a peg-legged version of Philip Glass, but what the hey. Let’s put this factor aside.

Second question: is three really the perfect number? All the things heard in this CD derive from multiples of 3 and the reason should not be explained (learn to read the liners, at least when Frank Rothkamm is the person who wrote them). Suffice to say that this music took its shape from a peculiar tuning system and even stranger reproduction methods.

How does it sound? Oh, god.

I thought that by now I had figured out Rothkamm’s artistic mind, just a little bit of course. Instead he slams the doors of comprehension shut right in front of me, and one has to peep through the keyhole to get a grasp of what’s in there.

For starters, a Yamaha Electone 205D is the source. The composer bought it in 2002 in Hollywood, thus making possible a reprise of his first contact with the same inspiration in 1979, while he was on a mountain vacation in Switzerland and found an out-of-tune church organ in a small village’s chapel. As an indirect homage to that circumstance, the timbre of this Yamaha is - ahem - cheap. The tuning (“a micro-tonal 33 cents apart” - take this, lovers of well-tempered harpsichords) certifies that the improvisations (are they?) are perceived as a cross of experimental entanglement and hoity-toity unwillingness to let many participants in. Which is, as always, better. The tracks are mostly on the short side, an additional puzzling element. No continuity, no boredom.

Enigmatically unpigeonholeable stuff from the man who loves to smirk from postcards, to be pick-pocketed from the purse of ignorant oblivion.

Frank Rothkamm is a German born sound artist with a penchant for concept albums, vintage electronics, and unconventional tunings.

This latest release on his own Flux Records label is a 33 minute, 33 second long disc featuring 9 tracks of music composed using 3 Yamaha home organs, each tuned 33 micro-tonal cents (or roughly a third of a semitone) apart. Yep, for what it’s worth, there are a lot of 3’s in here.

But this is not a coolly conceptual record; it’s a charmingly eccentric, obsessive compulsive sort of project that’s an enjoyable and engaging listen. The pieces themselves are endearingly retro, referencing early electronic music, classical, and cinematic psychedelia, while the organs’ idiosyncratic tuning casts it all in a unsettling, luminescent glow.

Weird (in a good way).
Susanna Bolle WZBC

Frank Rothkamm is a tireless investigator and composer of German origin moved first to Canada and then in the United States, where he lives and works now for a long time.

His "Just 3 Organs" is an album made - as the title - with only three organs of the model Yamaha Electone 205D: Frank fascinated this instrument since childhood and now found only his personal accomplishment with this work outside the highly schemes, far from what we could expect to hear talk about an instrument that usually is used for its sound solemn and majestic.

The album transcends in a dimension electronic / minimal by the strong taste 70s: often have the impression of listening to ancient keyboards, but in reality is always and only the organ the absolute protagonist of the work. The whole work was composed between 2003 and 2008 using three organs amplified and played utopian in sync with a triangular position which guarantees a reverb effect.

The nine tracks have titles ironic generally refer to recent history and American society, supported by images contained in the explanatory booklet. Without doubt we are before a magnetic disk such as excessive in its yield audio out of every predictability. Listening is not the simplest, as the classical instrument in question arrives to develop sounds that could be combined to noise, although this is impossible already imagining the tone resulted pressing a button on the organ.

Among the most shocking moments are "B And B Plus 33", a very dark theme based on a (I assume!) Beat amounting when any piece dark ambient, "Younger Critics Of New York", lasting just 40 seconds, consists of a network of iron and crazy notes that increases in intensity until extinction, "California Pink-A-Pades", which seems to mimic the sounds of vintage 70s fake electronic brains, and finally "Half Man , Half Amazing, "a collection of small fragments that occasionally find the way of melody and then losing it.

"Just 3 Organs" is a work of pure experimentation carried out by an organist improvised showing, however, have clear ideas on the result to be achieved. For the limits of madness stained by a touch of genius!

Michele Viali

(translated from the Italian)
Michele Viali DARKROOM

I’m blogging through aftershocks here, so I figured I’d review something appropriate. For the past week or so, I’ve had Frank Rothkamm’s “Just 3 Organs” laying about in my computer, enjoying the somewhat random intervals VLC will decide to spool up and start playing it. With the nice subwoofer I have hooked up, it’s pretty apparent when the album starts; the ultra-low rumbling kicks in like some sort of ominous film cue. The track, “Kris Kristofferson of the Avant-garde,” is quite physical– the sort of thing that demands attention, and receives it.

Frank Rothkamm \"Just 3 Organs\" cover art

In an earlier playlist, I described “Just 3 Organs” as “hypernumerally-obsessed,” which is true… due to my general ineptitude with mathematics, I’ll let Rothkamm show you why:

“Just 3 Organs is 33 minutes and 33 seconds or a 3 times 3 tracks long long-player played with 3 times 2 hands and feet on the 3 times 2 manuals and 3 pedals of 3 vintage Yamaha 205D Electone home organs each assigned a primary color and tuned a micro-tonal 33 cents apart then amplified with 3 speakers for each organ suspended in mid-air in a triangle just in front of the observer with a monophonic reverberation phantom channel circling at 3 rotations per minute between all speaker triangles.”

Got all that?

The fact of the matter is, though, that “Just 3 Organs” is far more than a mathematical gimmick. There’s also a bit of fate, combined with an artistic openness I love to find in others. While on holiday with family, a young Frank Rothkamm had an opportunity to play a reed organ he found in an unlocked chapel of a Swiss village he was visiting. Finding nobody about to tell him “no,” he did what I would have done: played that organ like it was nobody’s business, finishing with some held tones. As he left the chapel behind, the idea of floating “tone shapes” occurred to him, a concept that stuck until 23 years later when he encountered an organ in a thrift store– an organ that had been built exactly nine months following the conception of his tone-shape idea.

What listeners end up with is a compelling album filled with odd shapes, bold movement, and a wide range of unusual technique. In “Sleepy Bullet,” a large portion of the track is played on the lower third of the keyboard, allowing for a bumpy low-end filled with key clatter. A few tracks make extensive use of the fast release available to the organ, with a chirpy and intermittent sound not irreminiscent of a skipping CD. Spacial effects and phasing play a large part in the final track, “B and B plus 33.”

All in all, this is a masterfully-rendered work, with excellent sound quality. Drone fans may find a leaping-off point here, especially in regard to reproduction quality and nuance.


The front cover looks a little like a catalogue for 1970s Yamaha organs, with three of their model 205D instruments pictures as a symmetrical trio… no, wait a minute, after a double-take on that photo, I see it’s one and a half organs shown in mirror image!

Symmetries in multiples of three seem an important part of the thought processes of Frank Rothkamm, as the piece is 33 minutes and 33 seconds long and involves micro-tonal tuning adjustments to each instrument, placing them 33 cents apart.

The concept of threes goes considerably further along these lines and the playful mind of Mr. Rothkamm is clearly reflected in the music too. His first Yamaha organ was, apparently, found in a Hollywood thrift store in 2002 and he’s worked on “Just 3 Organs” for about 5 years since then. One could be forgiven for thinking that he might be a bit like Organ Morgan in Dylan Thomas’s Under Milk Wood, playing these instruments morning, noon and night, but his other artistic endeavours range from installation pieces and web design to creating soundtrack material used for animations in Star Wars and working on a system whereby a computer would create music based on an artist drawing a picture in realtime, a development of Iannis Xenakis’ 1950s conception UPIC.

The music explores a rich tonal and rhythmic landscape, with nods to classical styles, cinematic music and more contemporary out there-ness. At times it’s as though Isao Tomita dropped into a “Saucerful of Secrets” Pink Floyd session and the artist who titles the opening section of a work like this “Kris Kristofferson of the Avent-Garde” is clearly not a po-faced beard stroker!

The slightly out of tune nature of this will, no doubt, drive some listeners to distraction, but the way the unsettling nature of these pitch differences resolve against one another is very skillfully achieved and with such an unusual idea, I’m pleased to say the piece makes an enjoyable listen. 7/10

Experiment with 3’s: three organs tuned some kind of tri-tonal way, mixed with a triangular stereo image in mind, “played with 6 hands”, 9 tracks, 33 1/3 minutes long, etc etc. Its actually one organ, dubbed, some old trippy Yamaha from the late 70’s, things vary from blippy to droney, but all very creepy (tri-tones do that). Fans of Tangerine Dream, Tomita, take note.

1) slow fade in of spooky drones, organ
2) similar to previous but brief
3) 70’s Tomita, classic “electronic” tones, blippy with an underlying creepy drone
4) random feel, tones kinda appearing
5) blippy and seemingly rhythmic, trippy and 70’s
6) slower, spooky, random feel
7) brief, an electro loop, with subtle melodies intertwined
8) very Moog’ish: blippy electronic, quick tones and loops
9) brief, a low drone, quite nice
Your Imaginary Friend KZSU

Just 3 Organs which I love.

I tried playing it on my turntable but it sounded like all my other Cds, so I played it in my CD player through speakers in stereo. I was wondering if the Cd should have been recorded in MONO.  

I remember my uncle had an organ like one of your 3 which no one seemed to play music on but us kids would bang around on it. I remember hanging around down by the foot peddles where the speaker was. It vibrated and was definitely mono though I didn't know the difference between mono and stereo back then.

But I trust that you knew exactly what you were doing so I played it in stereo.

ken montgomery

A.T.M.O.T.W.  (Art is Throwing Money Out The Window)

This is another excellent Rothkamm's work.

At times it's highly challenging and experimental, with some kind of retro-futuristic aesthetic (which I think is typical to his personal style), it's very contemporary and timeless at the same time.

At times it's simply beautiful and emotional.

The concept of this album is particularly appealing and - what a strange coincidence - it's funny because it has some close connections with another project that I plan to release later this year on Baskaru, a project not dedicated to the organ but to another sort of "ancient" keyboard.
Eric Besnard BASKARU

Co-hosting this morning’s broadcast with me is my daughter, DJ Mo. I started off with Frank Rothkamm’s amazing new release, “Just 3 Organs,” a hypernumerally-obsessed series of mind-bending compositions frightening not only for their mathematical bent, but the strikingly natural way Rothkamm approaches this sort of layering.

Frank Rothkamm — Sleepy Bullet
Frank Rothkamm — Encounter With Remarkable Trees
Frank Rothkamm — Younger Critics 0f New York

Vanessa Rossetto — Eohippus
Arcane Device — Seventeen Ambiguous Figures
Squid Fist —
Kirmann_ — Liza
Annea Lockwood — A Sound Map of the Danube; Bregquelle to Immendingen
Annea Lockwood — A Sound Map of the Danube; Fridingen to Ulm
Annea Lockwood — A Sound Map of the Danube; Lauingen to Weltenburg
Annea Lockwood — A Sound Map of the Danube; Inzell to Badesee
Annea Lockwood — A Sound Map of the Danube; Orth to Haslau
The KBD Sonic Cooperative — Live at The Bohemian National Home, Detroit 11/8/07

Playlist for “ITDE” 3/15/08
March 21, 2008 by startlingmoniker

Body Collector — La Santisima Muerte
Ophibre — Untitled Music for .aiff and Magnetic Tape
Achim Wollscheid — 3 Transformations for Xylophone
Jess Rowland — The Waves Sound Sometimes Close and Sometimes Far Away
Preston Ari Swirnoff — Maariv 4, For Four Tape Machines
Preston Ari Swirnoff — Maariv 2, For A Room Full of Organs
Frank Rothkamm — Kris Kristofferson of the Avant-garde
Frank Rothkamm — The Irvine Master Plan
Frank Rothkamm — California Pink-a-Pades
Frank Rothkamm — Half Man, Half Amazing
Frank Rothkamm — Grand Ducal
Frank Rothkamm — Sleepy Bullet

Diamondhead — Dirty Realism (extract)
Big City Orchestrea — Alto
Big City Orchestrea — Counterpony
Big City Orchestrea — Street Fighting Man

This is a pretty esoteric release from an enigmatic artist that can only humbly be described as a 21st century renaissance man. The German-born 42-year-old Rothkamm, who now lives in Los Angeles, has an early classical music training and a varied pedigree that includes composer, conceptual artist and computer programmer. His endeavors have found him in both the commercial and underground worlds working with (and/or for) corporations such as Warner Bros. and Ford, and obscure but well-respected musicians like DJ Spooky and Zeena Parkins. In addition he has worked with 3-D technology ('Star Wars' no less) and some of his programming concepts were derived from studies involving the groundbreaking UPIC system devised by the Greek composer/genius Iannis Xenakis. It all sounds made up, but truth is stranger than fiction I suppose. So why on Earth would such a tech-savvy and well-connected individual release a CD of music recorded using the type of electric organ that populated so many homes, shopping malls and storefront churches in the 1970s and 1980s you might ask? Well, there is a story of course.

At the age of thirteen, young Frank was on a skiing trip with his family in Switzerland where he happened upon a small village chapel. Upon entering the empty church, he discovered an organ and proceeded to play Bach's 'Toccata & Fugue in D minor' from memory. This first experience playing the organ left a lasting impression on the young prodigy, although he wouldn't play the instrument for another twenty-three years. This was when he found a Yamaha Electone in a thrift store in Los Angeles and purchased it to realize the 'tone shapes in a reverberated space between heaven and earth' that he had long imagined since that fateful day in the Alps. 'Just Three Organs' was five years in the making and is a manifestation of Rothkamm's idea of 'utopian-scientific composition.'

Although this music is microtonal, you should know that the 'just' of the title does not refer to just intonation. It turns out that Rothkamm has a thing for numbers as well, in particular the third one. The three organs are tuned 33 cents apart and the entire length of the disk is 33 minutes and 33 seconds in 9 (or 3 times 3) tracks. Something lost in the stereo recording here is that each organ was amplified with 3 speakers 'suspended in mid-air in a triangle...with a monophonic reverberation phantom channel circling at 3 rotations per minute between all speaker triangles.' Now that is something I'd like to see and hear, but at least we have this intriguing document.

Listening to 'Just Three Organs' obscures to what degree traditional composition techniques were used and how much was left open to chance or intuitive playing. Composing for three like instruments tuned less than a quarter-tone apart is a daunting task at any rate, and if it's notated I want to see it! The first track focuses on some bass tones and sinister differentials, but sporadically gives way to some more whimsical bursts of melody and chaotic vamping. It reminds me of little else that I've heard, but if you can imagine a microtonal version of the early works of Christian Wolff then we might be on the same page. 'The Irvine Master Plan' is a brief chorale-style number with some wonderfully clashing chords amidst a rather simple melodic structure. Try and do a harmonic analysis of this, kids! The third piece employs the electric organs' inherent gift of automated arpeggiation to wonderful effect. It's completely fun while remaining genuinely weird as shit and sounding not unlike an early instrumental track by The Residents. The right-hand soloing is especially entertaining over the bizarre and consistently shifting harmonic base. 'Half Man, Half Amazing' seems to bridge the schism between old-school electronic music and instrumental serial music. There are aesthetic elements of classic 'musique concret' posited against deliberate keyboard riffing that is, again, unlike anything I've ever heard. And that's a compliment. 'Grand Ducal' exploits the variable tempo features of the organs presets to present a srt of time-warped microtonal cartoon soundtrack. Who says complex music can't be enjoyable? Come on over to my crib for dinner and a glass of wine and we'll do some listening. The sixth track opens with a dense polychord and proceeds to some rather prog-ish riffing. Thick harmonic clouds are never far away, however, and the bass pedal solo near the end is one of the standout moments on the disk with its endearing clumsiness. 'Encounter With Remarkable Trees' is more like a trip to the beach on LSD, or at least what I imagine that such a trip would be like. On the other hand, the eighth track is like a brief journey through Milton Babbitt's brain forty years ago, which probably had more to do with solving numbers' conundrums thatn it did with writing music 'for the people.' The concluding piece is also short in duration and consists of a thick drone followed by a four-note flourish that reminds the listener of what was, what could be, and what was never fully realized.

While I genuinely enjoy this release, I don't feel that it reaches its full potential. Given that it took five years to come into fruition, I guess I expected more. The microtonal nuances are rich and thoroughly interesting, but I'm not feeling a sense of completion here...maybe that's the point. If you want to hear music unlike anything else, then this comes highly recommended. If you're some sort of microtonal purist and don't dig Rothkamm's math, then you'll probably be disappointed. Either way, it's a fun ride and wholly original music.

The organ depicted on the front cover of this new Frank Rothkamm CD are those that my little nephew used to play: a big machine with a built in speaker, blue, green, yellow and red knobs to handle the rhythms and sounds. A cheesy organ I always thought, but these days I would love to have one.

Everything on the Rothkamm deals with the number three: three organs, thirty-three minutes and thirty-three seconds, nine (three times three) tracks, which don't last three minutes however. The organs are played with six hands, well, no doubt three times two.

Rothkamm plays it like a modern classic master. Sounds swell and die, like those nice oscillator albums of forty years ago, except that the sound is like an organ. It's not unlike his previous album 'LAX', which also sounded like another attempt at playing like 'Forbidden Planet', but with a different sound.

Rothkamm puts out interesting conceptual records that work well throughout. Here is all quite nice again, just 'LAX', with not every track being a masterpiece but as a concept it's certainly well-made. (FdW)

Frans de Waard VITAL WEEKLY

In 1979 the then 13-year-old Frank Rothkamm snuck into a church whilst skiing his way down a Swiss mountainside. Inside he stumbled across an immense, old and out-of-tune organ upon which he attempted to play a fugue by Bach from memory. Once finished he slid back out to the snowfields and down to the valley below. He never played an organ again. But, in 2002 he spotted a Yamaha Electone organ, remembered that fateful fugue and soon began working on his own compositions.

For this mini-album (“33 minutes, 33 seconds of music, played with 3 times 2 hands and feet“) Rothkamm has devised a tuning system that sets each of his three organs at 33 cents apart from each other and runs through a series of series of slightly unhinged keyboard experiments.

The organs at times seem to be acting independently of each other, as though they are being improvised on from different recordings taking from different rooms. Bass chords swell and drift and are stabbed at by off-centre tones from the higher registered organs. Through “California Pink-A-Pades”, Riley-esque loops and equations are made to spin and be sucked out as though they were some bright-sparkling UFO signal. But the ideas are too unfocussed, the tuning too warped for anything other than just weird tones wobbling out of your speakers. Thankfully Rothkamm has spent most of his time fleshing out and recording his best ideas. “Sleepy Bullet” gives fleeting glimpses of skewed classical figures in kinda odd harpsichord fun-fair and also allows for the sounds of the foot-pedals and keys being depressed to occasionally appear and eventually become the final section of the track.

But generally the sounds of the organs are too tacky and out-dated and Rothkamm has a lot of trouble helping his instruments to carry any effectual tonal weight. This, despite that fact that almost every note in his freaky, freaky organ bag is used up and used up alright.

I feel I profound pang of sorrow in writing this review considering the fact that I like to think of myself as someone who can thoroughly enjoy anything that an artist has put out.  However, I have to say that Frank Rothkamm hasn't put out an album that merits even a musical review with Just 3 Organs.  If you're looking to listen to ambient sound, then this album is for you.  However, I can't say anything on this album past that.  I'm not sure what Frank was doing for the five years that it took him to put this album out, but I'd be willing to bet it was under the influence of some heavy narcotics.

If someone needs some ambient sound to place as a soundtrack to their latest horror flick or are looking to sit and pontificate on the meaning of something truly abstract in arrangement, pick up this album, otherwise, don't bother.


Chers amis,

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My radio show Delire Actuel has just announced its 2008 Demanding Music Top
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Francois Couture
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Reviewer, journalist, producer of Delire Musical/Delire Actuel (CFLX)
 Francois Couture CFLX

Fanfare For The Speeding Bullet!
Sunday, August 3, 2008
Hosted by Jay Eychaner and Jason Finkelman

Carrier Band - Video Voice - Voice Coil [Deep Listening]
Günter Müller, Voicecrack & Erik M - Queenly Quiet - Poire Z [For 4 Ears]
Uchihashi Kazuhisa & Gene Coleman - 5 - Storobo Imp. [False Walls]
Nils Bultmann - The Pulsing - Terminally Unique [Muteable]
Frank Rothkamm - Grand Ducal - Just 3 Organs [Flux]
The Hub - Wheelies - Boundary Layer [Tzadik]
Bran(...)Pos - Pylon 21 - Coin-Op Khepri [CIP]
Fire Room - Hand Lettered - Broken Music [Atavistic]
Dr. Ox - Anchor Synthesis - Dr. Ox [c74]
Mark Trayle - _27 - Goldstripe [Creative Sources]
Tape - Mystery Muting - Lunimarium [Häpna]
Krzysztof - Blues For Albert Hoffman - Jajouka [Small Doses]
Drew Krause - Airline - Powder [Innova]
John Oswald - Mad Mod - Plexure [Jasrac]
John Oswald - Temperature - Plexure [Jasrac]
Yuganaut - Whacked In The Head - This Musicship [ESP-Disk']
Rich West - Le Petomane - Heavenly Breakfast [pfMenutm]
 Jay Eychaner and Jason Finkelman WEFT


2008, mi-parcours : Nous voilà exactement à mi-parcours de l’année 2008. Quels sont les disques qui ressortent du lot? Ceux qu’il ne faut pas manquer? Voici ma sélection: 15 disques en musiques atuelles à saisir au vol avant que 2008 ne s’envole.

2008 Halftime: Here we are at the halftime of 2008. Which albums have stood above the crowd up to now? What CDs should not be missed? Here is my very own personal selection: 15 creative music records you should grab before 2008 signs off.

TRANSVALUE / Not Knowing (3:14) - Book III (Thankyou Records)

AARDVARK JAZZ ORCHESTRA / The Prevaricator (11:56) - American Agonistes (Leo Records)

MARTIN ARCHER / Spun Sugar Barbed Wire (4:45) - In Stereo Gravity (Discus)

HUGH HOPPER & YUMI HARA CAWKWELL / Seki no Gohonmatsu (8:43) - Dune (Moonjune)

DJ SPOOKY / Radio Mentale / Matthew Herbert (1:45)

/ Martyn Bates / Allen Ginsberg (3:09) - Sound Unbound (Sub Rosa)

FRANK ROTHKAMM / Kris Kistofferson of the Avant-Garde (3:31) - Just 3 Organs (Flux Records)

JONTY HARRISON / Free Fall (7:54) - Environs (empreintes DIGITALes)

ROGER DOYLE / [1] (15:22) - The Ninth Set (Die Stadt)

THE REMOTE VIEWERS / Green Closing (3:48) - Control Room (ind.)

MICHAEL ESPOSITO & LEIF ELGGREN / The Summerhouse (extrait/excerpt: 3:00) - The Summerhouse (Firework Edition)

MARC PICHELIN, XAVIER CHARLES & IVAR GRYDELAND / Travelling sur le pont d’un ferry boat (6:14) - North of the North (Sofa)

TOMASZ KRAKOWIAK / Diners per N (4:05) - La ciudat est tu (Etude)

UN FESTÍN SAGITTAL / Epitafio al delirio de la permanencia, Part 2 (7:44) - Epitafio a la permanencia (Beta-lactam Ring)

DOMINIQUE GRIMAUD / Les Quatre Directions (extrait/excerpt: 2:00) - Les Quatre Directions (Locust)

BEAT CIRCUS / The Ghost of Emma Jean (4:43) - Dreamland (Cuneiform)

 Francois Couture CFLX

DÉLIRE ACTUEL, 20 H / 8 PM (6/17/2008)

Parcours libre: Un parcours libre de deux heures, à la courbe d’écoute très vaste: de la chanson minimale à la noise, en passant par l’impro et l’art sonore.

Freeform Journey: A two-hour freeform journey with a very wide listening curb: from minimal song to noise, free improv, sound art, and a lot more.

THE MAGIC I.D. / True Holiday (6:28) - Till My Breath Gives Out (ErstPop)
SPOON 3 / Seductive Sabotage (4:49) - Seductive Sabotage (Evil Rabbit)
TRANSVALUE / Wedding Song (11:26) - Book III: The ’58 Retractable Hard Top (ThankYou Records)

HÉLÈNE LABARRIÈRE / Septembre the Bass (5:36) - Les Temps changent (Émouvance)
UN FESTIN SAGITAL / La dignidad del espiritu bestia (5:13) - Epitafio a la permanencia (Beta-lactam Ring)
NOÏZEFER / Joy and Punishment, 6 Bars Then (5:11) - CWU (ind.)

MARTIN ARCHER / Stockhausen Ascent! (5:45) - In Stereo Gravity (Discus)
LEIGHTON CRAIG / Self-Portrait Underwater (1:59) - 11 Easy Pieces (Room40)

FUCK BUTTONS / Colours Move (8:54) - Street Horrrsing (ATP/R)
PRESTON ARI SWIRNOFF / Maariv 2: For a Room Full of Organs (8:19) - Maariv (Last Visible Dog)

FRANK ROTHKAMM / Sleepy Bullet (6:57) - Just 3 Organs (Flux)
TOM HEASLEY & TOSS PANOS / 98% Pure (9:53) - Passages (Full Bleed Music)

TRIO OF UNCERTAINTY / Epitome (3:52) - Unlocked (Emanem)
BRIAN AGRO / A Soft Landing (3:45) - Procession of the Ornaments (Percaso)

DIANE LABROSSE / Unison Duet (3:26) - Musicworks 100 (Musicworks)
 Francois Couture CFLX

Fanfare For The Speeding Bullet!
Sunday, July 6, 2008
Hosted By Jay Eychaner and Jason Finkelman

Frank Rothkamm - California Pink-A-Pades - Just 3 Organs [Flux]
Potpie - Track #5 - Plays The Classics [Ixnay]
PGT - Dome - Temporary Habitations []
Yuganaut - Time Cycle - This Musicship [ESP-Disk']
Fire Room - Line Of Lead - Broken Music [Atavistic]
Brekekekexkoaxkoax - Shoham - I Manage To Get Out By A Secret Door [eh?]
Man's Last Great Invention - n - None [Eh?]
Otto Von Schirach - Laptop & Martinis - Chopped Zombie Fungus [Schematic]
Evidence - Iris - Iris [Deep Listening]
Transvalue - The '58 Retractable Hardtop - Book III [Thank You]
Frank Zappa and the Mother's Of Invention -
Nasal Retentive Calliope Music - We're Only In It For The Money [Ryko]
Frank Zappa and the Mother's Of Invention -
The Chrome Plated Megaphone Of Destiny -
We're Only In It For The Money [Ryko]
Laromlab - Sid Attax - Laromlab [Mushpot]
 Jay Eychaner WEFT

Fanfare For The Speeding Bullet!
Sunday, June 22, 2008
Hosted by Jay Eychaner

Gamma Goat - Killing Ducks With Nunchuks - Beard Of Sound, Beard Of Sand [Eh?]
Earl Howard - 3 - Five Saxophone Solos [Mutable]
PGT - Crown - Temporary Habitations []
Andreas Brandal - Ice Floor - This Is Not For You [Eh?]
Skincage - Household Gods - Axon [Antibody]
Huib Emmer - Lo - Full Colour Ghost [X-OR]
Giuseppe Ielasi - Plans - Plans [Sedimental]
Krzysztof - Senshi Polygon - Jajouka [Small Doses]
Lokai - Mikrostekon - 7 Million [Mosz]
Frank Rothkamm - Encounter With Remarkable Trees - Just 3 Organs [Flux]
Wondrous Horse - Rimuovi I Miei Ostacoli - Cavallo Meraviglioso [Fire Museum]

New music currently receiving airplay on other shows
(ordered by number of spins)

- Tape "Luminarium" [Häpna]
- Kronos Quartet And Wu Man "The Cusp Of Magic" [Nonesuch]
- Chen Yi & Karen Tanaka "Invisible Curve" [New World]
- Scott Tuma "Not For Nobody" [Digitalis]
- Claudio Parodi "A Ritual Which Is Incomprehensible
(To The Smile Of Pauline Oliveros)" [Extreme]
- Steve Reich "Daniel Variations" [Nonesuch]
- The KBD Sonic Cooperative "[Four Plus One]
- Lid Emba & Bob Crane "We Substitute Radience" [Inam/Stickfigure]
 Jay Eychaner WEFT

CJSF Vancouver 09-MAY-08

1 Kronos Quartet Terry Riley: The Cusp Of Nonesuch
2 Sun Ra & His Arkestr Some Blues Atavistic
3 Point Of Contact Point Of Contact Circumvention
4 Planeta Imaginario Biomasa Cuneiform
5 C. McGregor's Brothe Eclipse At Dawn Cuneiform
6 Mats/Morgan Band Heat Beats Live Cuneiform
7 Gregg August Sextet One Peace Iacuessa
8 Steve Reid Ensmemble Daxaar Domino
9 Sinistrio * Sinistrio Chronograph
10 Frank Rothkamm Just 3 Organs Flux
11 Annea Lockwood A Sound Map Of The Danube Lovely
12 Cinematic Orchestra Live At The Royal Albert Domino
13 Rabnett 5 * Leopardism Ropeadope
14 Dikeman/Barrios/Maki We Need You Eh?
15 Fire Room Broken Music Atavistic

free103point9 Online Radio Top 40 for May 2008

free103point9 Online Radio Top 40 for May 2008

1. The Roy Campbell Ensemble, Akhenaten Suite (Aum Fidelity)
2. Tall Firs, Too Old To Die Young (Ecstatic Peace)
3. civyiu kkliu + ilya monosov, cartolina postale (Winds Measure Recordings)
4. The Beige Channel, Enjoy Victoria Bay! (Happy New Year Recordings)
5. Rob Brown Ensemble, Crown Trunk Root Funk (Aum Fidelity)
6. Annea Lockwood, A Sound Map of the Danube (Lovely Music, Ltd.)
7. Sic Alps, A Long Way Around To a Shortcut (Animal Disguise)
8. Robert Ashley, Concrete (Lovely Music, Ltd.)
9. Jason Willet, The Sounds of Megaphone Unlimited (
With Jad Fair, Eye Yamatsuka, and others.
10. Various artists, Infinite Limbs (Infinite Limbs)
Family of Love, Teeth Mountain, and others.
11. autistic daughters, uneasy flowers (Kranky)
12. critikal, graphorrea (
13. Kenneth Gaburo, Maledetto Antiphony VIII (Pogus Productions)
14. asher-ubeboet, cell memory (Winds Measure Recordings)
15. Cristian Amigo, Kingdom of Jones (innova)
16. Radio Ruido, "False Rosetta" 2x7" (free103point9 Audio Dispatch 032)
17. Simon Wickham-Smith, love & lamenation (Pogus Productions)
18. White Rainbow, Prism of Eternal Now (Kranky)
19. Verdun, Two Archipelagos LP (
20. Latitude/Longitude, "Solar Filters/Mother Evening" 7" (free103point9 Audio Dispatch 031)
21. Jeff Martin + Evan Shaw, Piano Music (Barnyard Records)
22. Frank Rothkamm, just 3 organs (
23. Barnyard Drama, I'm a Nawg (Barnyard Records)
24. Lori Freedman & Scott Thompson, Plumb (Barnyard Records)
25. Tatsuya Nakatani, Primal Communication (H&H)
26. Jeff Martin + Colin Fisher, Little Man on thr Boat (Barnyard Records)
27. Cloudland Canyons, Silver Tongued Sisyphus (Kranky)
28. William Parker + Hamid Drake, First Communion/Piercing the Veil 2xCD (Aum Fidelity)
29. Temperatures, Ymir LP (Heat Retention)
30. Mt. Wilson Repeater (Eastern Fiction)
31. Bruce Eisenbeil Sextet, Inner Constellation (Nemu)
Bruce Eisenbeil + Jean Cook + Nate Wooley + Aaron Ali Shaikh + Tom Abbs + Nasheet Waits.
32. Faking Trains, Instructions (Faking Trains)
33. Scott Smallwood, Electrotherapy (Deep Listening)
34. David Watson, Fingering an Idea (XI Records)
35. Stars Like Fleas, The Ken Burns Effect (Talitres)
36. Mike Wexler, Sun Wheel (Amish)
37. David S. Ware Quartet, Renunciation (Aum Fidelity)
38. Jeff Arnal + Dietrich Eichmann, LP (Broken Research)
39. Pauline Oliveros + Miya Masaoka, Koto Accordion (Deep Listening)
40. Theo Angell, Dearly Beloved (Amish)
Scott Smallwood, Desert Winds: Six Windblown Sound Pieces and Other Works (Deep Listening)

Title; componist; Played; Label; Time;
Sound Cylinders; Chris Cree Brown; Chris Cree Brown; Sounz; 8'25";
Esztergom To Keselyüs; Annea Lockwood; Annea Lockwood; Lovely Music, Ltd.; 9'56";
Half Man , Half Amazing; Frank Rothkamm; Frank Rothkamm; Flux Records; 6'04";
Nekyomanteion; Thanos Chrysakis; Thanos Chrysakis; Aural Terrains; 13'07";
Rods Work; Warren Burt; Warren Burt; Home Production; 6'15";
A Sudden End Of A Beginning Friendship; Letrak; Letrak; Even Stilte; 7'03";
Third Strata; Greg Davis & Jeph Jerman; Greg Davis & Jeph Jerman; Room40; 18'07";
Yours Forever; Yoav Cal & Yael Kanarek; Yoav Cal & Yael Kanarek; Innova; 12'00";
Into The Groove , Getting Into The Groove And Further Into The Groove; P.-A. Gauthier; Noïzefer; Home Production; 5'50";

Canary Burton: I played cuts 1 Kris Kristofferson of the Avant-Garde & 2 The Irvine Master Plan from your just 3 ORGANS album on WOMR FM in Provincetown, Ma, streaming at

Once upon a time me and my friend Bonnie would reserve space in the University concert hall so we could use the organ as a sound producer. It was 1973. We didn't know there were others before us.

Thank you for the music.

Frank Rothkamm: Wonderful - do you have a playlist? If so, I'll add you to the official site.

In 1973 I was only a little boy, only a year later listening to Bachman-Turner-Overdrive (BTO) and George McCrae.

What were you listening to in 1973?

Canary Burton:Gee Frank!

In 1973 I was listening to Erroll Garner, Thelonious Monk, Sun Ra, every jazzer known on this continent. Since I started University then, I was inundated with classical, popcorn filled classrooms, took the harp off an old upright (that got attention when I took a sledge hammer to the box), put spoons on wires situated to hit 6's as often as could be and hung it in a huge oak tree. Or, played Scriabin with the proper bow and handshake, Or jammed in A minor on my flute with other free players (we didn't know we were free then). Howled with the coyotes.

Because I write each composer each time I play a piece of theirs, I don't keep a playlist. I tried the program the station has and it's for pop and just doesn't fit what I want to have. So.

You COULD link to my website at
 Canary Burton WOMR

ckut top 30 may 6 2008

pas chic chic - au contraire - semprini
various artists - variations in time compiled by andy williams - ptr
duchess says - anthologie des trois perchoir - alien8recordings
lal - deportation - ptr
les momies de palerme - l'amour sincere - ample
various artists - ambient not ambient - audio dregs
ookpikk - total home job - independenet
crystal castles - s/t - last gang
animal collective - water curses - domino
sonic youth - goodbye 20th century: syr7 - syr
ghislain poirier - no more blood - ninja tune
morgan heritage - mission in progress - vp
four tet - ringer - domino
women in tragedy - girl in the grave - wintage records and tapes
rothkamm - just 3 organs - flux
Kid creole - going places - strut
No age - nouns - subpop
fuck buttons -street horrrsing - atp
the kills - midnight boom - domino
annabelle chvostek - resilience - mqgv
thalia zedek band - lies and prayers - thrill jockey
christopher bissonnette - in between words - kranky
dj logic & jason miles - global noize - shanachie
Yelle - pop up - caroline
mahogany frog - do5 - independent
various artists - love and circuits: a cardboards records compilation - cardboard
thisquietarmy - unconquered - foreshadow
excepter - debt dept - pawtracks
earth - the bee made honey in the lion's skull - southern lord
clark - turning dragon - warp

CJSR 88.5MHz - Edmonton
For the Week Ending: Tuesday, April 29, 2008

TW LW Artist Title Label
1 -- Roy Campbell Ensemble Akhenaen Suite Aum Fidelity/Arts For Art
2 -- James Danderfer Group Accelerated Development Cellar Live
3 -- Fieldwork Door Pi
4 -- Stanton Moore Emphasis! On Parenthesis Telarc
5 -- Bill Prouten Low-Down, No-Good Keyano College
6 4 Rabnett 5 Leopardism Ropeadope Digital
7 9 Hutchinson Andrew Trio Music Box Chronograph
8 1 Jeff Coffin And Charlie Peacock Arc Of The Circle Runway Network
9 3 Steuart Liebig Always Outnumbered PF Mentum
10 6 Frank Rothkamm Just 3 Organs Flux

Thursday -
3 April 2008 -
10:00pm to

Finley, Karen Lickapella Lick It!
Urinals, the Sex Negative Capability...Check It Out
Urinals, the Dead Flowers Negative Capability...Check It Out
Dahmer John George Haigh Dahmerized
Skull Defekts, The The Secret Blood Spirits and Drums Are Singing
Inoue, Tetsu Mini Moon Inland
Vertonen / Anti-ear truth will out Split Cassette
Sweet Teeth Morning Raga From The Fourth Hand of The Buddha The Lotus Was Born of ...
Arc Minute 1 Arc Minute
Lo Moda Ready to Go Gospel Store Front
His Name Is Alive Come Out The Wilderness Firefly Dragonfly EP
Es Sadepaivat Kaikkeuden Kauneus Ja Kasittamattomyys
Tau Emerald Full Moon Travelers Two
Rothkamm, Frank Half Man, Half Amazing Just 3 Organs
Sixteens Snake Charmer Lineas Albies/ Sixteens
Qulfus Dorothy Enos
Absolute Null Punkt Absolute Magnitude 1 Absolute Magnitude
Meyer, Herr Cc1-14 (in Stadt Gehend) Complete Works 1930-1962
Nux Rabid Dogma Barks Sermons Signal, The
Blanc, Michel L' Offensive D'octobre Les Onze Tableaux De L'escouade
Hefty Load Schrecklich More Arctic Hysteria/son of Arctic Hysteria
Habitat Sound System Eritrean Lovers Dub Monosov Swirnoff / Habitat Sound System
Saints, The Erotic Neurotic [live] Alternative Animals
White Trash Daddy Warbucks Local Anesthetic
Sane, The Arnold Palmer Messthetics #104 South Wales
George, Ron Sleep and Waking Floating Bubble, The
Gamelan Semar Peguilingan Barong Gamelan of The Love God
Onna Silver Dove Katawa
Pleasant Livers, The Wah Wah Man Big Headed Baby
Stetson, Colin Letter to Hst New History Warfare Volume 1
Naked On The Vague The Horse, He's Sick Blood Pressure Sessions, The
Snacks Mas Alla Del Remo De Los Dulcas Naturates Natural Snacks
Neilson, Alex / Richard Youngs Kickin' Thru Glass Electric Lotus
Hooker, John Lee I'm Mad Specialty Profiles
Demon Fuzz Another Country Afreaka!
Brandal, Andreas Abreg Ad Habra This Is Not For You
Restiform Bodies C) Rock 4 Life Restiform Boides
King Brothers Get on the Bus King Brothers
Circle of Ouroborus Visions of The Dead Serpent Streams
Landed Us Vs. Them (And You) Times I Dispise

 Justin Outlier KJFC

Here's what I played on Monday, April 14, 2008 (11 AM to 1 PM):

Artist -- "Song" -- Album

* Apples In Stereo -- "Please" -- Velocity of Sound
* (r) -- "The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back" -- In Pink
* Frank Rothkamm -- "Encounter With Remarkable Trees" -- Just 3 Organs
* Fuck Buttons -- "Okay. Let's Talk About Magic" -- Street Horrrsing
* The Readymades -- "This World Will Break Your Heart" -- Stars From Worthy Skies (Various Artists)
* Caribou -- "Shim Shimmer" -- 2007 Tour EP
* Lu -- "Mood Elevator" -- Lu
* Orange Cake Mix -- "The Ballad Of Sonny Jim" -- Silver Lining Underwater
* Laura Gibson -- "Nightwatch" -- If You Come To Greet Me
* Goldfrapp -- "Eat Yourself" -- Seventh Tree
* Night Canopy -- "Boom It's Spring" -- Of Honey & Country
* Mamaguroove -- "Romantic Interlude" -- 911
* Lightning Paw! -- "Water and Air pt. 1" -- Black Birds Are Rough
* Ghost Bees -- "Tear Tassle Ogre Heart" -- Tasseomancy
* Carrie Hryniw -- "Black Coffee" -- Finding Grace
* Sera Cahoone -- "Only As The Day Is Long" -- Only As The Day Is Long
* Gowns -- "What If Not You" -- Love And Circuits (Various Artists)
* Ida -- "For Shame Of Doing Wrong" -- Lovers Prayers
* Yo La Tengo -- "Little Eyes" -- Summer Sun
* Small Factory -- "Pretending It's Sunny" -- I Do Not Love You
* The Bummers -- "Physics For Poets" -- The Bummers
* The Wicked Awesomes -- "Rhombus" -- Demo CDR
* The Long Blondes -- "Here Comes The Serious Bit" -- Couples
* The Manhattan Love Suicides -- "Cracked Open" -- Kick It Back 7-inch
* The Mae Shi -- "Divine Harvest" -- HLLLYH

+Jobcrusher (NL): The Answers Are Yours + I Know Who The Agressor Is ... + Alone You Die (From The the fucking grave! - lp Filth-Ear Distr. / Undislessed Records / Back On Track Records / Musi Canard)
*Arthur Bull, Daniel Heïkalo (CDN): La Solution de l'énigme (Concentrés et amalgames - cd Ambiances Magnétiques)
+Obtest (LIT): Sviesa/The Light (Gyvybès Medis - cd Osmose Productions)
*Frank Rothkamm (USA): California Pink-A-Pades (Just 3 organs - cd Flux records)
+Soilent Green (USA): For Lack of Perfect Words (Inevitable Collapse in the Presence of Conviction - cd Metal Blade records)
*Daniel Schell - Dick Annegarn (B): ff Boom (Egmont & the ff Boom - cd Musique Belgique Archive)
+Evil (PL): Introwersja / Introversion ( XII-XX - lp Malarie / Trujaca Fala / Ruin Nation records)
*Bernard Falaise (CDN): Neuf (Clic - cd Ambiances Magnétiques)
+Cataract (CH): Burn At The Stake (Cataract - cd Metal Blade records)
*Irikarah (D): Silentium (Various Artists: deafness is not a gift - cd deafborn records)
+Raging Speedhorn (UK): Slay The Coward (How The Great Have Fallen - cd Steamhammer)
*Sex Gang Children (UK): Dieche (12"mix) (Dieche - cd Cleopatra)
+Stratovarious (SF): Infinity (Infinite - cd Nuclear Blast records)
*Fear Falls Burning vs Final (B/UK): 19.
57 (Once we all walk through solid objects - 5lp Tonefloat)

playlist for Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Kevin Adams genLoss
John M. Crabtree Scintillate Plectrums
Robert Dow Precipitation within sight
Fenaison Variations No. 1
Claire Fitch Momentum
Travis Johns If we try to be rational...
Aaron Johnson PR(callmegod)IDE
Liz Meredith Winter Tracks
Gen Ken Montgomery Icebreaker
Emily Packard Lost At Sea
Frank Rothkamm Half Man, Half Amazing
Paul Scriver Transcribed Space
Mark Snyder Mälmo
 Tom Lopez WOBC

1. Smegma, ‘Porky Section’ (1987)
From Nattering Naybobs of Negativity, UK HARBINGER SOUND 051 CD (2008)
2. The Weird Weeds, ‘Lies’
From I Miss This, USA AUTOBUS RECORDS AUTO005 CD (2008)
3. “Blue” Gene Tyranny, ‘Next time might be your time’ (1977)
From Out of the Blue, USA UNSEEN WORLDS UW01 CD (2007)
4. Philip Jeck, ‘Fanfares’
From Sand, UK TOUCH TO:67 CD (2008)
5. Olekranon, ‘Necropolis’
From Cohesion, USA INAM RECORDS 21 CD (2007)
6. Kiko C Esseiva, ‘En Rêve’
7. Korperschwache, ‘Fear of a Black Metal Mustache’
From Brotherhood of the Bowl, USA INAM RECORDS 18 CD (2007)
8. C. Joynes, ‘Night on Djerba’
From God Feeds the Ravens, USA BO’WEAVIL RECORDINGS WEAVIL28CD (2008)
9. Lanterns, ‘Bruised Loser for Lips’
10. Dale W Miller and Tony Gordon, (Track 6)
From dwm-tg, USA OLD GOLD RECORDS OG-185 CD (2008)
11. Pure Sound, ‘Dialect Poetry’
From Acts of New Noise, UK EUPHONIUM RECORDS EUPH004 CD (2008)
12. Yoshio Machida, ‘Retrospective Future’
From hypernatural#3, FRANCE BASKARU KARU:10 CD (2008)
13. Martin Archer, ‘Spun sugar barbed wire’
From In stereo gravity, UK DISCUS 33CD (2008)
14. Dirac C, ‘Rise and Fall’
From Dirac C, USA INAM RECORDS 20 CDR (2007)
15. Aranos, ‘I Saw Women’s Rising Fry’
From Mother of Moons Bathing, USA SOLEILMOON SOL 145 CD (2007)
16. RLW and Tito, ‘Geschissen ist nicht gemalt’
17. Rothkamm, ‘Encounter with Remarkable Trees’
From Just 3 Organs, USA ROTHKAMM.COM CD (2008)

18. Alan Licht / Aki Onda, ‘Ship Shape’
From Everydays, USA FAMILY VINEYARD FV58 CD (2008)


Playlist Kicks 26/03/2008

*Frank Rothkamm (USA): Sleepy Bullet (Just 3 organs - cd Flux records)
+Cataract (CH): Blackest Hour (Cataract - cd Metal Blade records)
*Linsey Wellman + Mike Essoudry (CDN): At Mashu (cd Malasartes Musique)
+Acheron (USA): Thou Art Lord (Rites of the Black Mass - cd Turbo Music)
+Cynic (USA): I'm But A Wave To ... (Focus - cd Roadrunner records)
*Onde (B): Two (One – lp Ondemusic)
+Putrescence (CDN): Dawn of the Necrofecalizer (Dawn of the Necrofecalizer - lp One Percent records)
+Impulse Manslaughter (USA): They start the war (He Who Laughs Last... Laughs Alone - lp Underdog records)
*Robert Dow (UK): White Water (airflow) (Selected Works - cdr)
+Crematory (D): Left the Ground (Pray - cd Massacre records)
+Project Hopeless (S): Bedövad + Pain fear agony (Hit men inte längre utan skyddshjälm 2001-2004 - cd Bullwhip records)
*Tim Brady (CDN): SCAT (because we all have voices and stories to tell) (Topology: Scat - cd Ambiances Magnétiques)
+Anmod (BR): Impending Loss (Monstrosity Per Defectum - cd Deity Down records)

23 March 2008

Presenter: Bryce Moore


Tim Catlin
Electric Clouds (15'58")
CD: Slow Twitch (Dr Jim's Records: 034)

Tom Heasley & Toss Panos
Cliffs of Moher (17'18")
Tom Heasley, tuba, voice, electronics, loops; Toss Panos, drums
CD: Passages (Full Bleed Music)

Steve Heimbecker
Feathers and Flies #1 (16'58")
CD: Steve Heimbecker Anthology: The Enormouslessness of Cloud Machines
(OHM/Avatar: ohm/avtr 015)

Hot Troche
Dry Ice (8'18")
Royohei Kobayashi
CD: Yopaakuyu With Me (Illegal Art: IA 110)

Microsonics Part 7 (6'20")
Sean Baxter, drums, junk, percussion
CD: Microsonics (Dr Jim's Records: 31)

Pauline Oliveros & Miya Masaoka
Daybreak - Akegarasu (sound of a crow) (12'51")
Pauline Oliveros, accordion; Miya Masaoka, koto
CD: Koto Accordion (Deep Listening: DL 36-2007)

Frank Rothkamm
California Pink-A-Pades (7'0")
CD: Just 3 Organs (Flux)

Rik Rue
25 Frames a Second (5'19")
CD: Sample/Shuffle/Interplay (Extreme: XCD 044)

Zoo Transmissions
The Hill of Swift (2'42")
CD: Zoo Transmissions (Zoo Transmissions)
 Bryce Moore RTR FM

Electric Storm / Missing Sense ( Open Format 21) 23:30 - 02:00


Y Larry Kucharz1979 no. 03aBlue Drawings and TextInternational Audiochrome23:3314:11
YPhilippe Aubert GauthierThe Flying Babydemo CD-Rn/a00:1522:59
Y RothkammJust 3 OrgansJust 3 OrgansFlux00:4333:33
Y Eliane RadigueJetsun Mila - disc 2Jetsun MilaLovely Records01:2439:54

 James Bailey & Ron McFarlan CKLN