Frank Rothkamm [ Island Time ]

Köln and LA have very little in common, except both have supermarkets. To celebrate this fact, and to get groceries at low, low prices, I went to the grocery discount store of Lidl. It was the season to be merry, so they offered musical instruments. Usually not known as a purveyor of quality merchandise, Lidl outdid itself this time by offering a Ukulele for 15 Euros. You heard right. The package even included a CD-ROM. So I bought it, went home, hit “record” on my audio recorder, and commenced my attempt to tune the Ukulele. But even before reaching the correct tension on the first string, the first string broke. You heard right. Hence the explanation how this album got started and what you hear on the opening track.

After the merry season I decided to get real and get a real concert ukulele, a Cordoba 25CK at the local guitar shop, Beyer’s Music on Luxemburger Strasse, on the same street and not far from where I live now at the UNI-Center. This cost me 330 Euros. The price difference you can hear in the 2nd track of this album.

As Island wisdom would have it, a little bit of Uke does not an album make. So I added open source synthesizers, the AMsynth, the AMS modular, and various delay units. As a matter of fact, I put a delay on everything, an old trick I learned from the downtown scene in New York, NY. If you can make it there, you have to put a delay on everything.

Before I went to Köln, I lived in Los Angeles and I heard a voice on the radio, back when FM stood for something, but everybody was too stoned to remember the technical term. "What a beautiful world this will be. What a glorious time to be free." Nowadays this ain't going to happen unless you live on some kind of island, far removed from the kind of people who advise you "that the legend of the rent is way past due". In other words: What happens on the island, should stay on the island, unless you bring it with you. This is exactly what I did during "Island Time".

Catalog No: FLX134.496
Title: Island Time
Sound Artist: Frank Rothkamm
Length: 33:57 (2037s)
Composed: 2017-2018
Location: Cologne
Instruments: Ukulele (distributed by Lidl)
Release Date: 01/14/2018
Format: Digital
File Under: Experimental String