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ROTHKAMM [ FB02 ] Compact Disc $20.00
MP3 $10.00
Catalog No: FLX5
Title: FB02
(Astronaut of Inner Space)
Label: Flux Records
Length: 33:32
Composed: 2003-2004
Location: New York
Release Date: 6/30/2006
Format: Compact Disc
Parts: 4 panel folder(4/1)
2 panel tray card(4/1)
compact disc
clear case
UPC: 635961063025
File Under: Sci-Fi Serialism
Elektronische Musik
Math Space Rock

ROTHKAMM premiered the work on Thursday, June 29, 2006 at exactly 9:04 PM on a Manhattan rooftop stage as a 3D view & sound TRIPHONY. Now, with this special CD kit designed for home use, YOU can replicate the experience!

The Audio Effect

Playback of the ROTHKAMM "FB02" Compact Disc is fully compatible with a regular stereo setup, but to experience the TRIPHONY audio effect you will need to re-arrange the speakers of a home theatre or computer speaker system.

Audio on FB02 is encoded as a regular stereo image that decodes on a 4.1 channel system. Alternately, a 2.1 system with two additional speakers or a 5.1 system can be used.

The speakers are usually labeled Left Front, Right Front, Left Back (or Surround), Right Back (or Surround), and Sub(woofer). Arrange the Left Front and Right Front speaker so they almost touch and place them at a distance in front of you. The speakers should be elevated to ear level.Take the Sub-woofer and place it on the ground at half the distance between you and the front speakers. Now take the Left Back and Right Back and place them (elevated to ear level) at a distance to the left and right, so that you are almost between the speakers. Make sure that the same sound and volume level is on all Left speakers and all Right speakers, respectively.

If you were to connect all speakers with straight lines you would see a tetrahedron, a 3-sided pyramid upside down.

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